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How to Turn Off Google Voice Search on Android?

Turn Off Google Voice

Here I will explain when and how to turn off the “Ok Google” voice search assistant on your android phone.

Though companies have integrated such AI features to simplify the way we work. However, sometimes such technology stops working due to technical issues, which might be frustrating, especially for those who rely on it for their day-to-day work.

Google Voice Search is a kind of technology people use to browse the internet through their smartphones. It helps even those users who don’t know how to type in Google to find specific information.

Just by commanding “Ok Google” or “Hey Google,” you can do many things on your smartphone like open and close specific apps, open a calculator, set the alarm, browse the internet, check Google Map while driving, etc.

But what if the Google Voice Search stop responding properly?

Recently, many android users have reported an issue that Google Voice Assistant opens automatically on the screen while doing some other work on mobile.

According to reports, Google Voice Assistant sometimes failed to understand the context.

So, it might be annoying and in such scenario you should turn off Ok Google Voice search.

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How to Turn Off Google Voice Search?

Below are the steps you need to follow to stop Google Assistant from launching the “Ok Google” voice command –

Steps to Disable Ok Google Voice Search on Android
Steps to Disable Ok Google Voice Search on Android
  1. Open the Google App
  2. Click on More option showing left side in the bottom of the screen
  3. Now, click on Settings
  4. Go to Google Assistant.
  5. Select Voice Match
  6. Tap on the Toggle bar to turn off Hey Google Voice Search Assistant.

That’s it this is how any android users can turn off Google Voice search.

If you need to turn on Google Voice search in the future, follow the above steps and tap on the toggle bar again to turn it on.

Another Simple Way to Disable Ok Google on your Android Device

How it would be if you can use Google Voice Search to turn it off itself?

It’s sound easy to do – right?

Yes, simply speak and command to Google “Hey Google, Turn Off Voice Match”.

And it will show you possible results you can follow to turn it off.

In brief,

By following the above steps, you can enable and disable Google Voice search on android anytime.