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Facebook Search Without an Account (FB Search Update)

Facebook Search Without an Account

To curb the pressure of lawmakers, Facebook has tightened user data security. It allows users to lock their Facebook profiles with limited access to the public. It means FB users can set what details can be visible to the public and what will remain private.

So we have a question now –

Can you Search Facebook Without an Account or Signing in?

No, you cannot. Facebook has terminated Facebook People Directory and People Search options previously used to browse Facebook without an account.

Termination of these publicly available search options could be the reaction of voices raised against Facebook recently for poor user data management.

Recently, the legal rights group in Ireland known as Digital Rights Ireland urged people to join a mass lawsuit against Facebook for compromising the personal information of more than 553 million users. (Source)

Even the BBC has also reported that Facebook has been sued for not securing a million users’ data in England and Wales.

If you search online, you will find so many such lawsuits against the social media giant which would be a major headache for them.

And thus, I am assuming that Facebook has started prohibiting random users from searching Facebook user profiles without an account or login.

So, is there any alternative way to browse Facebook without sign up?

Read on…

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How to Search Someone on Facebook Without an Account?

Watch the video to understand Facebook search by name without an account.

Facebook Search Without an Account

During my research, I have found many websites recommending different social search engines (, and people search engines (, as an alternative method to FB search without an account.

Honestly, none of those were worked for me and I am sure they would not work for you too.

Thus, personally I don’t recommend you to waste time on those frivolous solutions.

Instead, do try the below search hack to find someone on Facebook without registering an account.

Facebook Search by Name Without an Account

Facebook has more than 2.6 billion users worldwide. It means there are so many people out there having the same profile name and which is the way for us to search users, groups, and pages on Facebook without creating an account.

For this, you can get help of search engines like Google, Bing, and Duck Duck Go.

Here I am showing the process of finding someone on Facebook anonymously using Google search engine.

You need to go to Google and search and replace “name” with the user name, page name, or group name you are looking for.

FB Search by Name Without an Account
FB Search by Name Without an Account

However, as it will display so many results with the same name and thus you need to manually find the one you are looking for, which could be a tedious task.

Although, knowing the exact username would help you to find any user, page, or group quickly with this method.

Wrapping It Up…

In brief, days of browsing Facebook without an account are gone a long before.

Personally, I believe that removing public search options is a smart move taken by Facebook. It prevents unwanted people from browsing through user profiles and secures their personal information like contact numbers, email addresses, personal photos, business information, etc.