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3 Operators to Search Gmail by Date

Search Gmail by Date

Sorting Gmail inbox by date is really easy and a simple way to view emails you received on particular day, month, or year.

If you don’t know how to search Gmail by date range then here I will show you 3 operators you can try.

So, let’s check out each operator in action –

Gmail is a powerful facilitator of electronic mails. It offers us several features that make things more convenient for us. But the one major drawback of such easy communication is that anyone can send you anything. As a result, you get hundreds of unwanted emails every day. When this happens, it becomes tough to keep track of important emails.

Gmail provides a solution to this problem as well. We now have the option to search for Gmail by date.

Not only that, this function has many sub-forms that can help us narrow down our search results further.

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Things to Know about Gmail’s Search by Date Feature

Before we get on to the technical aspects of the search Gmail by date feature, we should acquaint ourselves with some basic facts.

  • Gmail’s filter has many search operators that can help you find a particular mail from among thousands or more.
  • Apart from date searching, Gmail provides options to users to search by size, state, attachment, folder, people, and content.
  • These search operators are very easy to use and prove to be very efficient when it comes to filtering through a large number of junk mails.
  • Unfortunately, it becomes very complex to use all these search operators together to single down on a specific mail.

3 Search Operators and How to Use them to Search Gmail by Date

Gmail’s search by date operator helps one find particular mails that they are looking for. If you remember the particular time, day, date, or even a rough time-frame of the day you received the mail, then you should be able to find it without any problem.

These search operators are more or less commands. You need to enter these commands on the search bar located on top of Gmail’s dashboard. All you have to do is enter the relevant command/text-line, press enter, and let Gmail do the searching. In a short while, you will receive a list of results.

Command to Locate Mails Before or After a Date

To locate mails that you have received before a certain date, you need to type ‘Before YYYY/MM/DD’ on the search box and hit Enter.

For example, if you wish to find mails before 9th December 2020, type ‘before 2020/12/09′ and hit enter.

After a certain date, for finding mails, follow the same procedure with the command ‘After YYYY/MM/DD’ in the search box and hit enter.

Search Mails Between Two Dates

If you wish to find an email that you know you received between two dates, you need to enter “After YYYY/MM/DD Before YYYY/MM/DD” in the search bar.

For example, “After 2020/12/03 Before 2020/12/09” will show all the emails between 3rd and 9th December 2020.

Commands to Locate Mails Older or Newer than Certain Period

Here are some important Gmail keywords to search older or newer emails

  • Older_than: This looks for mails that are older than some specified time-frame.
  • Newer_than: This looks for mails that are newer than some specified time-frame.
  • D, M, Y are symbols that represent the day, month, and year respectively.


If you want to find an email that you received more than 9 months ago, then you need to type ‘older_than:9m’ in the search box.

In the same manner, type ‘newer_than:4y” if you want to find an email you received within the last 4 years.

Locating by Dates and Keywords

You can add keywords from the mail into your search to narrow down the results. Suppose you received a mail between 9th and 12th December that had the keyword “payment” then you can type this:

“After 2020/12/09 Before 2020/12/12 payment.”

These were all the variations of Gmail’s powerful search by date feature.

FAQs Related to Search Gmail by Date Feature

Where is the Search Bar Located in Gmail?

The search bar is located on top of your screen.

Is ‘Search Gmail by Date’ Feature Available on the Mobile App?

Yes, search operators and commands work on web browsers and Gmail app on both Android and iOS.

Can We Recover Mails that Lost Before a Particular Date?

Unfortunately, Gmail does not have the option of recovering emails that have been deleted by the user.

How Long Does Gmail Keep a Deleted Mail?

Even if you delete a mail, Gmail keeps a copy of it for 60 days.

Wrapping it up…

In brief, these were some easy ways you can try to search Gmail by Date to filter emails.

These email search operators will surely help you to save tons of time by making the email sorting process fast.

So, give it a try whenever you are in need to scrap particular emails out of thousands.