Mocospace Login with FB (Facebook) and Google [Step by Step]

Mocospace Login

In this write up, I will discuss Mocospace login process step by step. It helps you to start using this mobile social networking site right away.

Don’t worry! It will not take your much time, just few minutes and you are on to use Mocospace on mobile.

If you don’t want to go with the Mocospace signup process, you can simply sign in Mocospace account with Facebook or Google.

What you need is either a Facebook page or Google Gmail Account.

So, as of now you know what you need to login your Mocospace account and thus without wasting time let’s dive into the process…

As this is a free mobile social networking platform and thus first of all you need to download the Mocospace mobile app.

You can download Moco Mobile app for android and iOs devices from here at

Once you install the Moco app on your mobile, you will see below sign in screen on your iOs and Android phone –

Now, it’s time to nailed the sign in process…

Mocospace Login with FB (Facebook) on Mobile

Now, mobile gaming, chatting, instant messaging, photo sharing would be a fun with Mocospace’s easy facebook login button.

What you need to do is just tap on the “Login with Facebook” button and It will come up with a pop up asking for “Mocospace Chat” wants to Use “” to Sign In, just click on the “Continue Button”.

The app will redirect you to a new window with facebook login page, enter your login details and hit the login button.

The next screen will come up with details that what information the app will use from your Facebook login, click on the “Continue”.

Now, the app will ask you to let them access your location so that the Moco app can help you to find and chat with nearby people on the base of your location.

Click on “Allow” button. The next Mocospace location consent screen come up with the same details as previous one, click on “Continue” button.

Mocospace Sign In with Google on Mobile

Signing in to your Mocospace account with Google has almost a similar process as above.

Click on the “Login With Google” button. The pop up message “Mocospace Chat” wants to Use “” to Sign In comes up, click on the “Continue” button. It will redirect you to your gmail login page, enter your login details.

Later, the app will ask for the location consent, click on “Continue” and you will be redirected to the user profile page. Enter your personal details and click on “Save” button.

Now, you are in and can start using the Mocospace mobile app to chat and share with millions all around the world.

In brief, this is how you can do Mocospace login using your social media accounts of Facebook and Gmail.