About Tech Trick News

Hello All,

This is Nyk, hole and sole of TechTrickNews.com.

I have been in the digital marketing world since 2011 actively associated with social media marketing, local SEO and other stuffs like that.

Due to my Job hours I never got time to know about blogging and thus if honestly saying I was completely unaware about blogging and its potential for at least 6 years even after jumping into the digital marketing arena.

Somehow, I have been introduced to blogging through one of my friend actually my boss 🙂 in 2017.

He wanted to start a blog for our office and he told me to suggest a name for the blog and I have suggested techtricknews.com to him. Surprisingly, he has rejected it but I have picked it up for myself as I was really want to know how blogging works. So you can say that it was started as an experiment to learn blogging, but later it has become my way of life and earning bread and butter.

Well, this is how I got my domain name.

But, as always new things come with challenges and the same thing happened to me as well. I had to face many challenges like how to register domain name, how to get hosting, how to install WordPress and theme, how to customize the theme, bla bla bla….

Fortunately, I got some friends including my boss who have helped me a lot during my learning period. What I was doing is that, after my job hours I used to sit down in my bedroom and start calling to my friends who know about blogging stuff and asked for their help.

This is how I started my blogging journey, I used to call it Help with Hope.

After one to two years of experiments, spending of time and money I started to realize the real potential of blogging and from where I never stop.

My passion got reason now 🙂 and it makes me dream big like I want to be a richest blogger in the world. Ya ya ya…. I know this is something really big goal to achieve but I believe that vision can get wings if you give your best in the right direction.

What is a Tech Trick News?

Tech Trick News is all about “How To” guides where I try to provide reliable solutions for people facing glitches related to mobile phones, smart watches, desktops, search engines, mobile apps, etc.

Besides it, I do write reviews about laptops, gadgets, and other tech products. To make my content reliable and trustworthy I do spend hours for research so that I can help my readers to make the right buying decision.

Keep reading to enjoy actionable content 🙂

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