You are currently viewing MyCSULB: Login to CSULB Employee and Student Center Portal

MyCSULB: Login to CSULB Employee and Student Center Portal


Have you just joined CSULB (California State University Long Beach) as an employee or student? If yes, then you need to get and activate your MyCSULB account to access campus systems like Employee Center and the MyCSULB student center.

Here, I will explain how CSULB employees and students can sign in to MyCSULB account step by step.

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What is MyCSULB?

MyCSULB is an online login portal and the central location for employees and students of California State University Long Beach to access personal information. Accessing the MyCSULB Student Center, students can view information such as class schedule, GPA, announcements, grades, pay fees, and even manage their profile. Whereas MyCSULB Employee Center allows employees to check Paycheck history, benefits, leave balance, Jobs (eApplications), etc.  

Recently the University has integrated Single Sign-On (SSO) feature into its CSULB login portal. It means now you can access multiple CSULB applications with a single set of login credentials (Beachmail and Password) from here (

Access to campus computing services and systems relies on the role (Student, Employee, Faculty) and approved access.

Previously, you had to login separately through to access each CSULB campus system like MyCSULB.

Here I will discuss all the MyCSULB Sign In options (SSO and Okta) for both staff and students.

MyCSULB Login Steps to Access MyCSULB Student Center and Employee Center

Any MyCSULB staff and student can access their personal information either by going through MyCSULB Okta Login or by CSULB SSO Login. Check out below steps –

MyCSULB Okta Login

CSULB Okta Login
CSULB Okta Login
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your CSULB email address and Password
  3. Hit the Sign In button

Done, you should now access your MyCSULB Student Center and Employee Center account.

Here CSULB email address is provided to all active students and employees. For students, CSULB email looks like this [email protected].


Single Sin-On (SSO) would be the best option if you are using multiple CSULB campus systems. Below are the steps you need to follow –

  1. Go to the official CSULB Portal at
  2. Click on Menu option showing on the top right side
  3. Select MyCSULB
  4. Enter your BeachID credentials (Email and Password)
  5. Hit the Sign In button

Done, you should now access all the approved CSULB applications based on your role.

How to Activate MyCSULB Account?

Activate MySCULB Account
Activate MySCULB Account

If you are a new student then you need to activate your MyCSULB account first. For this, you need to collect your BeachID (Campus ID) first. BeachID is a nine-digit username (Campus ID) and it generates automatically when a new student enrolls into the University or staff gets hired.

Once you have your CSULB Campus ID, go to and enter your Campus ID, Date of Birth (DOB), and click on Next. Set Security Questions and follow further prompts to complete the activation process.

Now, you are ready to use your MyCSULB email and account to communicate within the campus.

How to Reset Password?

Follow the below steps to reset your MyCSULB account password –

Reset Mycsulb Account Password
Reset Mycsulb Account Password
  1. If you are using SSO sign in then click on BeachID Account Manager and Select Forgot Password
  2. For the Okta login page, click on Need Help Signing in? and Select Forgot Password
  3. Or you can directly access Reset Password Page by going to this URL
  4. Enter your Campus ID and Date of Birth
  5. Hit the Next button and follow further prompts

Done, in just few seconds you will have your new password.

For any query related to your account, you can contact the University on 562.985.4959 or e-mail [email protected].