You are currently viewing (POF Search Update) Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering

(POF Search Update) Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering

Can You browse Plenty of Fish without Registering? Unfortunately, no! Plenty of Fish Search Without Registering feature has gone forever. Currently, the website is preventing anonymous users from browsing POF without joining.

So, if you can’t do a POF search without signign up or login, don’t look for any hacks here and there because nothing will help you. The company has removed that search facility from the website for users from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and all other locations where the website is providing its services.

Check out this video where I compared the POF search options in the new website and how they were used in the old website. It will help you understand why POF basic search, advance search, and plenty of fish search by username options are no longer working without joining the website.

Let’s jump right into more details –

POF Search Without Registering: Why Can’t you do it now?

Plenty of Fish ( is one of the most popular dating websites with approximately 100 million registered users. And this is why POF is the first choice of singles when it comes to finding their date mate online.

Before sometimes, even anonymous users could browse plenty of fish without registering. Yes, they did not require an account to search POF user profiles.

I am sure this was sounds exciting for many who don’t like to reveal their personal information right away.

It seems that the team at was well aware of such users. Thus they allowed POF search without registering facility through which you can view user profiles by location, username, city anonymously.

But, recently they have removed the anonymous search facility from the website.

POF website has completely revamped and got more appealing look with new design.

At present, around 35,00,000 singles login POF website daily, and 90,00,000 conversations taking place daily. It shows the ever-increasing popularity of this amazing dating portal.

And thus, security for the personal information of their registered users might be a reason for discontinuing the feature that previously allowed users to browse plenty of fish search without registering.

However, the removal of this single feature cannot stop you from browsing this amazing dating website as they allow a free and easy signup process.

Just go to, sign up and enjoy happy POF search!

However, I have explained POF search hacks that were working previously without registering the website for the reader’s information below.

Note: Below hacks are no longer working on new website. These POF search options have been terminated.

How to Browse Plenty of Fish Search without Registering?

1) POF Basic Search without Registering

Using the Plenty of Fish basic search option, you can find people without joining the website. You just need to set few common filters like gender, age, city, education, ethnicity, body type, distance, etc.

Here are the POF basic search steps you need to follow –

  1. First, open the website in your browser.
  2. Now, click on Search from the navigation menu showing right below the logo area.
  3. Select the Basic Search option.
  4. Fill in the required details and hit the Go Fishing button.
Plenty Of Fish Basic Search Without Registering
Plenty Of Fish Basic Search Without Registering

That’s it; this is how POF basic search works to come up with searches according to your provided inputs.

2) POF Advance Search Without Signing Up

Now, what if you want to search some specific user profiles? For this, you need to do POF advance search following below steps –

  1. Open the POF website in your browser.
  2. Click on the Search.
  3. Go to the Advance Search option.
  4. Fill in the required details and hit the Go Fishing button.
Plenty of Fish Advance Search Without Registering
Plenty of Fish Advance Search Without Registering

Done, the website will come up with relevant user profiles which you can view without login into the POF portal.

Through advance search, you can find people having the same habits, eye colors, hair colors, children, marital status, profession, etc.

3) POF Username Search without Registering

Well, it’s not easy to find a particular user out of millions just by doing a random search. But, if you know the user’s username, you can find him/her just by doing a Plenty of Fish search by username.

Here are the steps you need to follow for POF username search at –

  1. Open the POF website in your browser.
  2. Go to Search.
  3. Click on Username Search.
  4. Type in the username and hit the Find User button.
POF Username Search
POF Username Search

Other Ways to Search Plenty of Fish Without Joining

During my research, I have come across several alternative solutions on different websites where people are suggested to use third party people search services like Spokeo. Besides it, they are also suggesting to try some Google Search queries or Footprints like “CityName”

I have even tried to search POF by Username using the website. It actually shows up some relevant public POF profiles, but you could not view them without signing up or logging into your account.

Scrapersnbots Plenty of Fish Username Search
Scrapersnbots Plenty of Fish Username Search

Honestly, I have tried almost all alternative ways and found that all these are bluffs worth ignoring.

If you really want to view plenty of fish profiles, signing up the website is the only option to go with thenew POF website.

FAQs on POF Search

Can you Look up Someone on Plenty of Fish?

Only upgraded members of Plenty of Fish are able to use search by Username feature. You will find the Username Search Bar option in the POF app under the Username tab.

How to Get the Old POF Layout Back for Annonymous Search?

Unfortunately, there is no hack to get the old POF layout back. Previously, people used the version to use the plenty of fish in its old layout, but it also stopped working.

Can I Search by Interest on Plenty of Fish?

Search by Interest was there before they revamped the POF website. At present, there is no such search option for users available on this portal.

In brief,

Above were some search types used to perform on the Plenty of Fish website at without joining it.

However, let me repeat it: plenty of fish search without registering is no more working as the website got updated regarding design and features. Besides it, POF has restricted users from several countries as well.