You are currently viewing Ultipro (UKGPro): Employee Login Guide for Desktop & Mobile

Ultipro (UKGPro): Employee Login Guide for Desktop & Mobile

UKGPro Ultipro Login

If you are an employee of the company which is using Ultipro software (UKG Pro), this Ultipro login guide will teach you how to sign in to Ultipro from home or workplace on Desktop, Android, and iOs devices.

So, let’s get started…

What is Ultipro?

Ultipro is a cloud-based HCM (Human Capital Management) technology by Ultimate Software. There are many other cloud solutions, such as Salesforce solutions, which you can read more about here. However, recently Ultipro human resource software has tied up with, and together they are known as UKG. Thus, Ultipro has now been renamed as UKG Pro.

Ultipro helps organizations perform several complicated tasks such as human capital management, payroll, tax management, time management, accurate analytics reports, talent needs, etc.

Out of all these, Ultipro payroll solutions are very popular among user companies.

Let’s look at easy steps on how to login Ultipro account from home using your desktop and mobile.

Ukgpro Ultipro Login Steps

How do I login to Ultipro on my computer or mobile? If you are a new employee and don’t know how to access your Ultipro account then follow the below steps –

Ultipro Desktop Login

In order to login to your Ultipro employee account you need to have your company access code. It is a kind of alphanumerical code created by your company’s HR or Ultipro administrator for you. You need to have this code to ensure that you have a secure connection to your company’s data.

If you don’t have this code, contact your HR or IT company. Once you have the Ukgpro Ultipro login company access code, follow below Ultipro employee login steps on desktop –

1. First, visit on your desktop’s browser.

2. Enter your Company Access Code.

UKGPro Ultipro Login Company Access Code
UKGPro Ultipro Login Company Access Code

3. Next, provide your Username and Password.

4. Hit the Sign In button.

Done, this is how any staff can access his/her Ultipro employee account on computer.

First Time Logging In to Ultipro

If you are accessing your Ultipro account for the first time, then ask your HR administrator for the company login URL. In case, your company has created a custom login url like this, then you need to have this URL to access Ultipro.

For the first time, use your company’s email address as username and your birthday would be your password (MMDDYYYY format).

You need to change this default password to ensure saftey of your account.

For more Ultipro login information, watch this tutorial video –
How to Login to Ultipro

Ultipro Employee Login Steps for Mobile Users

There are two different ways to access Ultipro workplace account on mobile from home – Using Ultipro mobile website or installing Ultipro (UKG Pro) Mobile App.

Ultipro Mobile Login

Well, it’s pretty easy to sign in to your Ultipro employee account using your mobile browser –

Ultipro Mobile Website

1. Open any browser and go to Ultipro’s mobile login page by simply typing this URL

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Click the Log In button.

Ultipro Mobile App Login: How to Sign in Ultipro Account on Mobile?

Ukgpro Ultipro Mobile Login
Ukgpro Ultipro Mobile Login

Well, you can do this by simply installing the Ultipro app, now known as UKG Pro (android or iOs), on your mobile device.

For installing the Ultipro mobile app, you need iOs 10 or later version and android 5 or later version.

Ultipro Mobile app allows instant access to all the latest features and tools for employees.

Important: You will need a company access code to use Ultipro mobile application. Generally, this unique code is configured by your company’s HR team. Therefore, you can contact them for an Ultipro access code.

If you can’t login to Ultipro account, you may forget the password. To recover the password, navigate to the “Forget Password” link, from where you can easily reset your password.

So, this is the right process of Ultipro Portal Login.

Can’t Login Ultipro from Home on Desktop?

Can you login to ultipro from home using the Ultipro desktop portal? Yes, you can.

Whether you want to access Ultipro workplace employee login or simply can’t login to Ultipro from home, the below steps would give you a quick fix –

Can't Login to Ultipro from Home
Can’t Login to Ultipro from Home on Desktop

1. Open your favorite web browser (Internet Explorer 11.0 or Firefox 61.0 or Chrome 69.0) and type this Ultipro website URL If it doesn’t work for you, you can try this URL for Ultipro employee login.

2. Enter your username and password.

3. Click the Log In button.

Hurray! You should now access all the features of Ultipro employee from the PC (desktop).

List of UKG Pro Login URLs

As I have mentioned earlier that Ultipro has now become UKG Pro and thus all previous Ultipro login URLs will redirect you to UKG Pro login page.

Below are different UKGppro Ultipro login URLs you can directly copy and paste from here to your browser to log into your UKG Pro account –


1) What to Do When You Can’t Login to Ultipro?

If you can’t login to Ultipro from home or office using your Ultipro sign in portal, then try these direct Ultipro login links and

2) Can I View/Print Paystubs on Ultipro?

With Ultipro Paystubs, you can view and print your current and previous pay stubs by navigating “Pay History” within your Pay portal.

3) How to Access Ultipro Company Access Code?

In case your Ultipro HR administrator has turned on the advertising widget for Ultipro mobile, look for the business access code on the left side of your profile whenever login to Ultipro from the desktop.

Or else you can directly ask for the company access code to your HR team.

4) How Do I Login to Ultipro from Mobile Directly?

Visit these Ultipro mobile login pages directly and to access your Ultipro account from a mobile device.

Now, let’s dive deeper to understand more about Ultimate’s Ultipro Software.

Major Services by Ultipro

Time is money, so save it wisely!

Don’t waste your time and money getting started with Ultipro because Ultimate Software offers amazing customer support and services that will help your organization grow.

Here is the list of Ultipro support and services you can expect from Ultimate Software –

1) Ultipro Launch

The process of product launch is more simplified, seamless, and secure with Ultipro Launch. It will help with people’s data management and streamline data conversion securely. The most important thing about it is that it doesn’t require technical expertise and reduces your dependency on other vendor services.

The fascinating aspect of Ultipro Launch is that it provides complete transparency throughout the launch process from one central location.

2) Employee Pay

This service helps organizations bolster their relationships with their employees by making payments on time.

With Ultipro Employee Pay, you don’t need to worry about employee payment management and banking relationships. The Ultimate Software leverages their relationships with banks and deploys their Ultipro payroll experts to take care of the entire payment process of your employees with 100% transparency and control in your hand.

Ultimately, it will save you time, money, and resources.

3) Payment Services

Ultipro tax filing will take care of your payments and payroll taxes promptly with higher accuracy.

Businesses are leveraging the expertise of Ultipro professionals to get rid of filing errors and missed tax submissions.

If you are used to making third-party payments on behalf of your employees, then Wage Attachment Disbursement service is right for you.

4) Print Services

Have you found preparing, printing, sealing, and sending year-end tax forms to your employees hard? Then Ultirpo’s W-2 print service will lessen your burden by managing the entire process on your behalf.

5) ACA Employer Services

With Ultipro’s ACA employer services, Ultimate Software helps employers stay proactively in compliance with ever-changing healthcare regulations.

6) Managed Services

If you need specific requirements related to HR, Payroll, and management, then Ultipro managed services will cater to your needs. It will ensure the consistent growth of your business.

Key Features of Ultipro

With Ultipro and its core features, talent management, workforce management, HR, and Payroll has become easy to manage even for non-techy business managers.

Below are the key features of this human capital management software –

  • Effortless management of people
  • Efficient communication
  • Forget paperwork
  • Recruit, employee performance, and succession management
  • Manage data and information of all employees
  • Better insights of your workforce
  • Payroll integration
  • Legal compliance
  • Calculate premiums

Besides these, there are many more features that make Ultipro the world’s most commendable HR software.

Ultipro Benefits

Ultipro is the world’s best payroll software comes with a wide range of features.

It takes employee management to the next level by providing excellent HCM technology to organizations.

Besides it, Ultipro’s tax management solutions are great for business owners who don’t afford to make risky and costly mistakes while calculating taxes.

Well, there are numberless benefits we can count on, but briefly, this is the ultimate software for all human capital management needs.

Wrapping it up…

In brief, this was all about Ultipro and how employees can sign in to their Ukgpro Ultipro account from home on desktop and phone. If you are facing any problem even after following above mentioned steps, contact to your HR or IT team to get an expert help. For critical issues users can even reach out to Ultipro customer service support.