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How to Login Onshift Employee Account (Desktop & Mobile)

Onshift Login

Here is the step by step Onshift login instructions guide for employees trying to check their schedules on Onshift Scheduling Software.

Either you are using Onshift App on mobile or trying to access www onshift com login page from your desktop, below steps will work for you.

Onshift is an employee scheduling software designed for senior healthcare organizations. It helps companies to manage employee schedules and their data effectively. Using this staff management software you can cater different tasks like hiring, scheduling, engaging your senior care staff effortlessly.

Do your senior healthcare organization use www onshift com to manage labors? If yes, then you can check your work schedules by accessing onshift employee login page.

Let’s check out how to login portal –

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Onshift Login Steps by Step

Being an Onshift employee, either you want to check your Onshift wallet balance, open shifts, points, or rewards…you first need to sign in into your Onshift account at

To login Onshift account from desktop or mobile, follow below steps…

How to Sign In Onshift on Desktop?

Onshift Com Login Page
Onshift Com Login Page
  • Enter your employee credentials (Username and Password). Make sure that you get the password from your supervisor.

All done, now you can access your Onshift account and check details.

How to Login Onshift Using Mobile App?

With Onshift App, mobile users can easily login to Onshift and check their details. You can download Onshift mobile app here – Android and iOS).

As you open the app in your smartphone, the login screen will open –

Onshift Mobile Login Page
Onshift Mobile Login Page

Enter your username and password.

That’s it, this is how mobile users can sign into their Onshift Employee account. Now you can check your open and closed shifts which helps you to stay organized.

Benefits of OnShift Software for Employees

Onshift customers and employees highly recommend this cloud based employee scheduling software because it saves money, time, and help them to stay organized.

As far as employees are concerned, this staff scheduling software comes in with few responsibilities such as –

  • It makes sure that employees can access their dashboard from both desktop and mobile
  • The easy to understand navigation helps even non techie employees to understand details
  • User friendly dashboard helps employees to check their open shifts, to do lists, wallet balance, rewards etc.
  • It helps employees to stay organized and improve their productivity
  • It cuts off necessity to keep weekly paper schedule with employees
  • They can access their schedule from anywhere, anytime

In brief, Onshift is making employees smile through its cutting edge labor management solutions.


Hope this Onshift Login guide helps you to access your employee account effortlessly. If you find this guide useful, then do share it with other employees so that they can too sign in Onshift without any hassle.

Smile, Work, and do better care….Cheers!