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How to Repost on Instagram from Mobile and Desktop?

During our research we have found Instagram users complaining about their inability to repost their posts and stories like twitter. And thus, we have come up with 3 proven ways on how to repost on Instagram.

On April 9, 2012, Facebook purchased this photo sharing App and started incorporating numerous exiting features.

However, still users are missing one important feature that help them to reshare their posts and stories.

We are pretty sure that Facebook is on the way to make it real soon.

But, what about those who can’t wait?

No worries, here are few ways to repost on Instagram, let’s get started…

1) How to Repost on Instagram Using Third Party Apps?

Well, there are few third party apps you can use to reshare posts on Instagram. Let’s have a look at those apps and ways to use them.

Repost for Instagram

This app is very useful for insta users who love to share their past posts or their favorite photos of other instagramers. It enables them to share posts in just few clicks. Watch below video to know how you can repost on Instagram using this android app…

Download Repost for Instagram app, decide and select the photo and video you want to repost, tap on the three dotted menu and click on the Copy Share URL option, now open the app and you will find your post there ready to repost.




This is another easy to use android mobile app helping people to repost on Instagram in seconds. What you need to do is just download the app, login using your Instagram credentials, select the post you want to repost through this app, and hit the save option to reshare the Instagram post.



Gamblr Instagram

This is really an amazing desktop app for windows and mac that enables you to post on Instagram from the PC.

Create your account, save the photo or video you want to repost in your PC, upload the photo to Gamblr, you will find Edit and Save Option in the right side, click Save and it will bring you to the next screen where you need to add caption for the post, and hit the Save button again. When your post published on Instagram, you will get a congratulation message on the screen.

The best thing about this app is that, you can add Zoom effect and several other filters to your photo.

2) DownloadGram


If you are not fan of using third party apps on your mobile phone then this website is very useful for you. Just open the website, copy the URL of Instagram post or video you want to reshare, and hit the download button. You will get the media saved on your device.

Now, you can republished that saved media with your own caption through Instagram itself.

3) How to Repost an Instagram Story?

This is good news! It seems that Instagram is well aware of their user’s hassle regarding the repost feature. And thus, they have taken an initial step by providing an option to repost an Instagram story of others.

You just need to pic the story you want to reshare, and click on the icon next to the comment icon, then hit the “Add Post to Your Story”. You will get a screen with different editing options, once you finish with your editing you can click “Send to” button and Hola!

The story was posted on your own Instagram story with credit to the actual source.

Besides it, you can get help of StorySave app to reshare Instagram story. Download the app, search for the story you like to repost, and post it using the app. Isn’t it so easy?

In brief, these are some of the easy and free options you can go with when it comes to repost on Instagram from mobile and desktop.