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Delta Symbol (Δ or δ): How to Type Delta Sign in Word/Excel

Delta is the fourth letter of the Greek Alphabet, and it represents the “d” sound. The Delta Symbol is derived from the Phoenician letter “dalet.”

It has different meanings in different subjects.

In mathematics, uppercase Delta (Δ) means “the change,” lowercase Delta (Kronecker Delta δ) means “the limit, continuity of the function or an angle of the shape.”

The lowercase Delta symbol signifies the partial charge in molecular and the uppercase Delta sign used to indicate heat in Chemistry.

So, same as its meaning, there are multiple keyboard shortcuts and alt codes to type the delta symbol in Microsoft word and excel. I will discuss all the possible ways.

To type Delta uppercase symbol (Δ) in word and excel, press the left Alt key + 30; for Delta lowercase symbol (δ), press left Alt key + 235.

Here are the keyboard shortcuts to type Delta character in MS Word or Excel using your Windows or MC computer –

NameShortcutsDelta Symbol
Uppercase Delta Symbol (MS Word Only)Type 0394, select it and press Alt+xΔ
Uppercase Delta Full Triangle SymbolLeft Alt Key + 30
Lowercase Delta SignLeft Alt Key + 235δ
Shortcut for MACOption+JΔ
Delta Symbol Shortcuts

Note: You need to use the right side of the numeric keypad of your keyboard to type the numbers. Make sure your Num Lock is on.

Let us talk about other methods you can use to insert the Delta sign in your word document or excel worksheet.

Insert Delta Symbol in Word and Excel: Alternative Methods

Insert Using a Symbol Option

If the keyboard key used in typing the Delta sign is not working, you can insert the Delta by navigating to the Symbol option in Word and Excel.

In Microsoft Office Word and Excel, go to Insert > Insert a Symbol > More Symbols.

Select your font and subset “Greek and Coptic,” it will show you all the Greek symbols, including the Delta sign with its keyboard shortcuts and alt code.

Insert Symbol to Type Delta Sign in Word and Excel
Insert Symbol to Type Delta Sign in Word and Excel

Select the Delta Symbol and hit the Insert button.

AutoCorrect Options

It is another alternative method to type Delta in Microsoft Word.

However, I have tested it in Microsoft Excel, but it doesn’t work.

In MS Word, go to File > Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options > Math Autocorrect

Now search for the Delta sign and select it. Next, change the name you want (Ex: Deltasign) in the Replace bar and click on Add and Ok. Make sure you checkmark the “Replace text as you type” option.

AutoCorrect Options to Type Delta Symbol in MS Word
AutoCorrect Options to Type Delta Symbol in MS Word

Now, whenever I write Deltasign, the Word will replace it with the Delta icon.

Emoji Panel in Windows 10

Microsoft has introduced Emoji Picker in Windows 10’s Fall Creators update. It helps to insert Emojis and Symbols in all Applications, including MS Word and Excel.

Use the below keyboard shortcuts to access Emoji picker –

  1. Press Windows Key + .
  2. Press Windows Key + ;
Emoji Picker to Type Delta Symbol
Emoji Picker to Type Delta Symbol

Once you open Emoji Panel, select the Symbol icon and go to Geometric Symbols. Look for the Delta sign and select it to insert into your Word Doc or Excel File.

Windows Character Map

Windows Character Map is a built-in feature of Windows PCs. It helps you to copy specialized characters and symbols, which you can paste in any application.

Here is how to access Windows Character Map to type Delta in Word and Excel –

Windows 10

Click on Windows Key to open the Start menu, go to Windows Accessories, expand it, and select Character Map.

Windows 7

Open Start Menu, go to All Programs, tap on Accessories and select System Tools, click on Character Map to open it.

As the Windows Character Map App opens, you will see lots of different characters. If you don’t like to browse through all these characters to find the Delta sign, go to Advance View and Search “Delta”.

It will show you all types of different Delta Symbols. Next, select the one you want and copy it. Then, go to your Word or Excel work document and paste it there.

Windows Character Map for Delta Symbol
Windows Character Map for Delta Symbol

Mac also has a Character Viewer feature. To access it, press Command + Control + Spacebar on your keyboard. Next, search for the Delta and copy the symbol and paste it where you want.

Microsoft Windows Typeface Symbols

Windows Typeface is a set of characters, symbols, punctuation marks, and numbers specifically used for printing material.

So, if you are preparing a word document or excel worksheet for printing then only using Windows Typeface for Delta symbol will work.

As D stands for Delta and thus just type D, select it and press the right click of your mouse and search for symbol in the fonts panel.

As you select Symbol, the letter D will convert into Δ sign.

Don’t use this method for any regular documents or else it will not work when you use the document on some other applications.

Preciely, this particular method will work for the Printing documents only.

Popular Fonts and Delta Symbol

Here’s how Delta character looks when typed using some of the popular Google Fonts –

Uppercase and Lowercase Delta Symbol in Different Fonts
Uppercase and Lowercase Delta Symbol in Different Fonts

Wrappint it up…

In brief, above all were the widely used keyboard shortcuts and alternative methods to type Delta or Triangle symbol in Word or Excel. All of them work great on all types of Microsoft Windows PCs, Laptops, and Microsoft-powered applications.