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How to “Enable Macros” in Excel in Few Clicks?

Macro settings are disabled by default in MS Excel. Thus, if you are using it for the first time then you need to know how to enable Macros in excel spreadsheets.

Macros are a kind of program written in a web language to automate certain functions.

Being written in a programming language, Macros can be compromised easily in terms of security.

In 2018, one researcher found half of malware loaders embedded as Macro viruses in excel sheets.

This is why Microsoft office disable it by default and recommends to activate it only if you have Macro excel sheet from authenticate sources.

Now, before we start discussing steps of activating Macros lets first understand that how do you know that the excel sheet contain Macro recorded data.

Well, the answer to it is very simple.

When you open a spreadsheet that contain Macro data, you will get a notification something like pointed out in the snapshot below –

Macros Security Warning Notification
Macros Security Warning Notification

Note: You will get this notification only if you have selected “Disable all macros with notification” option in Macro settings. To edit the sheet, you need to enable Macros first.

So now, let’s discuss the process to activate Macros in excel.

How to Enable Macros in Excel?

Well steps are very simple and it will take only few clicks.

1) Open MS excel sheet.

2) Now, click on the File tab showing in top right corner.

3) Go to Options in the drop down.

Excel Options

4) Next, a window will open. Click on Trust Center option from the left sidebar.

Excel Trust Center
Excel Trust Center

5) In the next window screen, click on Trust Center settings.

Microsoft Excel Trust Center Settings
Microsoft Excel Trust Center Settings

6) Now choose Macro settings option from the next window.

Excel Macro Settings
Excel Macro Settings

7) Select require Macro settings and click Ok.

There will be four options, you need to select one as per your requirements.

Although, for your better clarification I have explained each option in detail below.

Excel Macro Settings Explained

Option 1: Disable All Macros Without Notification

In case if you never want to run Macros then you can select this option.

When you enable it, Excel blocks and prevents macros from running without any notification.

Option 2: Disable All Macros With Notification

If you are used to access some excel files with Macros then this is must go to option.

Although, it is disabled by default.

That’s why when you open a spreadsheet with Macro recorded data, it will show you a notification to enable it.

Enable it if you trust the source of the excel file.

Option 3: Disable All Macros Except Digitally Signed Macros

If you choose this option, then it will block all the Macros except ones which are created by trusted Microsoft’s publishers.

Option 4: Enable All Macros (Not Recommended; Potentially Dangerous Code Could Run)

I personally don’t recommend to select this option. As it will allow all Macros to run by putting your Excel installation and device at risk.

As mentioned above, your security can potentially be compromised with embedded Macro virus.

In brief, this is all about how to enable macros in excel and what settings you should go for.

Hope this piece of information will help you with Macro activation. If yes, then don’t forget to share it with your mates on social media.