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eBay Seller Search: How to Find a Seller on eBay (PC & Mobile)

eBay Seller Search

In this quick tutorial I will walk you through how to search for a seller on eBay step by step.

Well, searching products by a specific seller on eBay is not that straightforward as you search for general items.

You need to play with eBay advance search queries.

Knowing this eBay seller search hack is very essential if you are a frequent buyer of products from a particular eBay seller.

It will prevent you from browsing through thousands of products at a time by narrowing down your search to the specific items you are looking for.

So, without further a-do let’s check out how to find a seller on eBay using desktop and mobile –

Note: Below steps will work only if you have the Seller’s username (UserID)

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eBay Seller Search Steps for PC

Follow below steps to learn how to find a seller on eBay without login on your desktop.

eBay Advance Search
  • Now, select By Seller option in the Items menu from the left side. It will show you different search options in the right side.
By Seller Search eBay
  • Scroll down to Sellers section.
  • Here, you need to check mark Only Show Items from: and it will enable further filter options where you need to add your seller’s user ID.
Only Show from this Seller eBay
  • Adjust all the filters according to your requirements and hit Search button.

That’s it, now eBay will show you only those products listed by that particular seller.

Now even if you search for any item in the main eBay search bar, it will show you the products of that specific seller only.

So, this is how you can search seller on eBay from desktop.

How to Search eBay Seller on Mobile?

Unfortunately, for eBay mobile app users there is no Advance search option at all.

However, there’s a simple hack you can try to search eBay seller on mobile.

Just type the eBay seller username (UserID) in the search bar and a link will pop up. Click on it and you will have the list of products of that specific seller.

This trick will work for PC users as well.

Wrapping it Up

Sometimes, users are so fascinated by some sellers online to the extent that they always prefer to buy products from those sellers only. In such scenario, knowing the hack to find particular seller on websites like eBay will save you time and money.

Hope you found this quick guide helpful.