How to Enable Skype Push to Talk Feature on Windows and Mac?

Skype Push to Talk

In this post, I will discuss steps to enable skype push to talk using Windows and Mac PC. Besides it, I will also let you know benefits of using this amazing skype feature for individuals and businesses.

Skype can be considered as one of the best application to be used for the purpose of communication by way of text messages, images and video call etc.

There are other advanced features also which makes skype the desired communication application. One of them is the skype push to talk feature.

The push to talk on skype turns a device to a walkie-talkie, be it a mobile or a desktop.

When one is on a common channel, the channel remains silent until a participant of the channel presses and holds down the button, thus turning on a microphone. Once the button is released, it turns the mic off.

This is an attractive aspect of the push to talk skype feature when there are many people in a single channel and the distracting background noise and extraneous chatter is to be avoided.

Now, let’s get into the steps of how to turn on skype push to talk mode on –

Ways to Enable Skype Push to Talk Feature on Windows PC

Push to talk skype feature does not support all the windows system but you can enable it on which it supports by following below steps –

Step 1

Open Skype in your PC and make sure that you are logged in to your Skype Account.

Step 2

Click Option the Tool menu seeing on the top left corner side in the Skype navigation menu.

Step 3

Click Advanced on the left panel. You can find the Advanced category on the left-hand side of your Options window, and click it. This will expand sub-categories under it.

Step 4

Click Hotkeys under the Advanced.

Step 5

Now look at the top of the Hotkey settings and check the Enable hotkeys. This thing is located at the top of the Hotkeys settings. When this option is enabled, you can use keyboard shortcuts in any of the video or audio calls.

Step 6

Check the Toggle mute (Push to talk) option on the list.

Step 7

Select a hotkey combination for push to talk. (You can assign a single key or multiple keys)

Step 8

Click the blue OK button.

Step 9

Click the blue save button.

You can now use Push-to-talk in your Skype calls with your new hotkey combination.

Note: Above steps will work if you are still using older skype version. In new skype, push to talk (Toggle Mute) option can be turned on and off just by pressing Ctr+M. The Option is enabled by default in latest versions.

How to Enable Push to Talk skype in Mac?

Step 1

Macintosh operating system, open the Skype application from the application folder. If you have used Skype earlier on your Mac computer or MacBook, then you do not need to log in. Else, you need to log in if you are using it for the first time.

Step 2

Start a random call with anyone. The push-to-talk call feature is achieved or hidden in the Mac Operating System.

Step 3

Press Control + Option + Command + Up arrow key from the keypad. This will lead you to skype push to talk feature during a call.

Click on the mute microphone option to go back to normal mode.

Thus it can be seen from the above steps how easily one can set up push to talk skype in their devices and enjoy speedy and effective communication on the go.

This feature comes with many advantages not only for individuals but for organizations as well. Let’s have a look at them.

Benefits for Individual Users

  • Ability to connect with multiple users at the same time – With just the push of a button on a mobile, one can communicate with a large group of people. There can be up to 249 users in a single channel.
  • Cost control- The push to talk on skype, helps to reduce call cost because of its feature of being connected to multiple people at the same time.
  • Better call management- All the important contacts can be stored in similar groups so that workers/employees can contact at the same time and time to communicate is drastically reduced.
  • Increase safety and convenience – Instead of using heavy machinery its hands free functionality simplify the calls.
  • The Flexibility to use virtually any device – It can be used on almost all devices for the purpose of communication.

Advantage for Business

  • Cut down on phone calls – Even a short phone call is a big waste time. So in this modern era where science knows no boundaries, one doesn’t need to waste their time. They just need to press a key and talk.
  • Easy group coordination – One can quickly set up a group chat and send reminders or last-minute updates directly to their team via push to talk on skype.
  • Manage employees across geographic locations – It will efficiently handle communication between people who are in different time zones or spread out geographically.
  • Determine an employees’ location – If any member of a team or a group is constantly on the move, one can make sure that the employees are at the right place and on – time.
  • Built-in management tools to prioritize talkers and organize contacts for better reference.
  • Callers who run in late or need to step out may join or rejoin conferences with just the push of a button

Skype is one of the fastest growing platforms for communications and it is time now to go the next level of communication. So say goodbye to the traditional communication methods and say hello to skype.