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Skype Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up the Way You Use Skype

Are you facing hard time operating Skype manually?

If yes, then Skype Shortcuts would be a great aid for you.

These keyboard shortcut keys not only speed up the way you are using this messaging app but also save you time.

Here, I have listed 35+ skype hotkeys that will surely enhance your user experience.

Before you start browsing the list of keyboard shortcuts for skype below, let’s first understand why you need them.

Let me explain by giving my own example that actually inspire me to write this post.

I was on a group video call with my clients and found myself confused when the noise of all come together.

So, when the call was over I did start search for the solution online and found that there is a feature called “Skype Push to Talk”. It works as a walkie talkie, you can turn it on and off during the call to avoid unnecessary voice disturbance.

So, I started to look for the tips to enable skype push to talk feature and didn’t find anything useful.

With a surprise, I did a deeper search and found that latest skype version got this feature already enabled and known as Toggle Mute which I can control from my keyboard by pressing (Ctrl + M).

It means, why should I follow multiple steps to enable such features when I can do it just by pressing two or three keys of my keyboard.

Hope, this practical example helps you to understand why you actually need these skype keyboard shortcuts.

Below is the list…

35+ Skype Shortcuts to Perform Different Functions

View Keyboard Shortcuts – Ctrl + /
Close Windows in Split View Mode – Ctrl + W
Open App Settings – Ctrl + ,
Open Help in Default Browser – Ctrl + H
Send Feedback – Ctrl + O
Open Themes – Ctrl + T
Toggle Between Light and Dark Mode – Ctrl + Shift + T
Navigate to Recent Chats – Alt + 1
Open Notification Panel – Ctrl + I
Search For All Contacts, Messages, and Bots – Ctrl + Shift + S
Next Conversation – Ctrl + Tab
Previous Conversation – Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Zoom In – Ctrl + Shift + +
Zoom Out – Ctrl + –
View Actual Size – Ctrl + 0
Start New Conversation – Ctrl + N
New Group Chat – Ctrl + G
Open Contacts – Alt + 2
Show Conversation Profile – Ctrl + P
Add People to Conversation – Ctrl + Shift + A
Send a File – Ctrl + Shift + F
Open Gallery – Ctrl + Shift + G
Mark as Unread – Ctrl + Shift + U
Focus the Message Composer – Alt + Shift + E
Multi-Select Messages – Ctrl + Shift + L
Archive Selected Conversation – Ctrl + Shift + E
Search Within Selected Conversation – Ctrl + F
Answer Incoming Call – Ctrl + Shift + P
Hang Up – Ctrl + E
Start a Video Call – Ctrl + Shift + K
Start an Audio Call – Ctrl + Shift + P
Toggle Mute – Ctrl + M
Toggle Camera – Ctrl + Shift + K
Resize Camera Preview – Ctrl + Shift + J
Launch Dial Pad – Ctrl + D
Add People to a Call – Ctrl + Shift + A
Take a Snapshot – Ctrl + S
Announce Microphone Status During a Call – Ctrl + Alt + M
Announce Own Video Status During a Call – Ctrl + Alt + Shift + K

In brief, these are some quick keyboard shortcuts you can try while using Skype from your PC or Laptop. If you find this list useful, then don’t forget to share it with others on social media.