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How to Change Textnow Number (Just 5 Steps)

Change Textnow Number

No matter what reason you have to change your Textnow Number, getting a new number is pretty straightforward.

Can I Change My Textnow Number? Yes, you can change it using the TextNow mobile app every fifteen days. Once you release your current number, you cannot retrieve it.

Note: Changing the Textnow business number or personal number is not possible using your Dekstop.

Here’s how to change your Textnow number –

How do I Change My Textnow Number?

Follow the below six steps to change Textnow number –

Watch the Video While Reading: Steps I Used to Change my TextNow number

Change TextNow Number Video

1. Open Textnow mobile app on your iPhone or Android phone.

2. Tap on the Hamburger Menu, showing the top left side of the app.

3. Go to Settings and select My Profile.

4. In the Account section, tap on Textnow Number.

5. Now, click on the Get a New Phone Number button.

Follow the further instructions accordingly, and you will have your new Textnow number.

You can also change your account info like email address, password, and profile details following the above exact steps.

If you are a new Textnow user and don’t know how to get into your account, check my Textnow Login Guide.

Can I Have Multiple Textnow Numbers?

Yes, you can have multiple Textnow phone numbers with separate accounts with unique login IDs. However, you cannot create more than one assigned number per account.

Of course, you can change the Texnow number every fifteen days by following the above steps.

Can Police Track a Textnow Number?

Yes, the app allows Police to track Textnow phone numbers whenever required to investigate any criminal or fraud activities.

So, changing the Textnow number will not work if you use the Textnow Phone Number for any suspicious activities. Police can easily trace your Textnow history.

Wrapping it up…

In brief, you can follow the steps mentioned above to learn how to change Textnow number. For any technical glitch, you can contact their customer support.