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How to Change Language on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides?

In this post, we will discuss about how to change language on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides.

Google provides around 9 interactive apps to accomplish multiple tasks.

With these free Google software programs, you can translate documents in around 100+ languages and can type in 70+ foreign languages.

Translating documents or changing default google drive language is very easy.

Note: If you change the Google drive default language, then it will automatically apply to all its secondary google apps (For example – Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc.)

But, what if you are in need to write in a foreign language using a specific Google App?

No worries, we got you covered below as far as your concern is related to Google Doc app, Sheets, and Slides Presentation.

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Here we go…

How to Change Language on Google Docs?

Besides my mother tongue, I know multiple languages and thus I used to write content in other national or international languages as well.

Fortunately, content writing job gets pretty easy with Google Docs when it comes to content editing or translating language of the document.

Here’re the steps I follow and you should too –

1) Open Google Drive and Click on New tab.

2) Select the Google Docs option and it will redirect you to the new tab with untitled document.

3) Now, click on the File option from the main navigation menu and tap on Language.

Language Change Option in Google Doc App
Language Change Option in Google Doc App

4) Slide up will open with 70 plus language options.

5) Select your preferred language.

Now, you’re done with changing default language of the google docs.

But, do you know how it will work further?

Here’s an example –

For your reference, I have selected Hindi as the foreign language.

Hindi Language in Google Docs
Hindi Language in Google Docs

Now, there is an identical option of the chosen language will be available as seen in the below screenshot.

Language Identical Option
Language Identical Option

Here, you will find three to four options on basis of your chosen language.

In my case, there are four options available.

Chosen Language Option
Chosen Language Option

Here, you need to select an option of the language itself as I have selected.

Now, magic comes in 🙂

Now try to type anything in English and the Google Doc app will translate in your chosen language and show multiple options.

You need to tap on the right option.

Typing Foreign Language in Google Docs
Typing Foreign Language in Google Docs

That’s it, you can now start typing your document in your chosen foreign language.

Now, what if you want to translate already written document in other language?

Well below are the steps you need –

How to Translate Documents Language in Google Doc App?

1) Open the Google Document you want to translate.

2) Go to Tools option and select Translate Document.

Translate Document in Google Docs
Translate Document in Google Docs

3) A pop up will open that lets you create a translated copy of your current document.

4) In the pop up, select your preferred language out of 100 plus choices.

5) Translated copy of the document will open in the new tab.

It’s very simple!

How to Change Language in Google Sheets?

Well, it takes almost few clicks and similar steps as google Docs.

Here are the steps you need –

1) Open the Google Sheets

2) Go to File option from the menu and select Spreadsheet Settings.

Google Spreadsheet Settings
Google Spreadsheet Settings

3) A pop up will open.

4) In the Locale section, you can select the require language and save settings.

Change Language in Google Sheets
Change Language in Google Sheets

5) Now, you can see an identical option for your selected language as we discussed for the google docs.

6) Just start typing and you will see translated options in your chosen language.

7) Repeat the type and select process.

This is how you can update the language in google sheets.

How to Change Language in Google Slides?

The process of changing default language for Google Slides presentation is almost similar as we discussed for Google docs.

1) Open the Google Slides presentation.

2) Select File option from the menu.

3) Now tap on Language option and you will get a list of multiple languages.

4) Select the language you want and you are ready to prepare presentation in your chosen language.

The process is very identical to altering language for Google docs and thus we do not provide any snaps for it.

In brief,

This is all about updating default language of google products like Google docs, spreadsheets, and slides.

Hope you guys find this information useful. If yes, then do share with others and help them to type in the language they want.

Happy Typing 🙂