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How to Format and Insert Superscript in Google Docs?

Superscript in Google Docs and Slides is an important feature. If you are dealing with content which requires to add footnotes, mathematical symbols, and chemical formulas then knowing how to insert superscript text in Google Docs is very important.

In this write up, I will show you different methods and shortcuts you can use to add superscript and subscript in your Google Document.

Note: You can follow the same below methods for adding superscript in Google Slides too.

So, let’s find out what it is and how to use Superscript tool in Google Docs.

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What is Superscript?

Sometimes, content writers need to add small text above the main content especially in citations, dates, and adding trade mark. And here comes Google Docs Superscript with the solution to it.

Read on to know how to use Superscript feature effectively using different methods.

Superscript Vs Subscript: Get the Real Difference

The only different between Superscript and Subscript is their placements.

Superscript is used to add small text (Ex. trade mark sign) above the main text.

On the other hand, Subscript is used to add small text (Ex. Footnotes) below the main text.

How to Insert Superscript in Google Docs?

Using a Special Characters tool is the easy way to insert Superscript formatting in Google Docs or Slides.

This is the tool that allows you to add various scripts of different languages and symbols in your document.

To type in Superscript in Google Document, follow below steps –

Special Characters Tool and Superscript in Google Docs
  1. Open your Google Document.
  2. Hover over the “Insert” in the menu and select “Special Characters” option.
  3. Once the Insert Special Characters dialogue opens, select “Symbols” in the first tab and then select “Superscript” in the next tab.

Here you will see different Superscripts which you can use in your document. Just select the one you want and insert it into your document.

You can follow the same steps to insert Subscript in Google Docs or Slides.

How to Format Superscript Text in Google Document?

If you are thinking to convert some portion of your original content into Superscript or Subscript or want to type in Superscript or Subscript text into the existing content, follow below steps –

Format Superscript in Google Docs
  1. Open your Google Document.
  2. Select the portion of content you want to convert into superscript/subscript, or place your cursor where you want to add superscript/subscript text.
  3. Now, hover your “Format” in the menu and select “Text” option.
  4. From the drop down, select Superscript or Subscript.

Now, type in your text and it will show as Superscript or Subscript in your document.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Enter Superscript in Google Docs

Below are keyboard shortcuts you can use to enable superscript and subscript features –

For Superscript, press Ctrl+. (Windows and ChromeOS) and Cmd+. (macOS).

For Subscript, press Ctrl+, (Windows and ChromeOS) and Cmd+, (macOS).

FAQs Related Google Docs Superscript Feature

Why Can’t I Use Superscript in Google Docs?

Browser cache may cause this issue. Sometimes your browser loads temporary stored files which might break the Superscript feature in Google Docs. To sort it out, clear the cache of your browser, close it and open it again. Go to your Google Document and now Superscript feature should work for you.

How Do You Get Rid of Superscript in Google Docs?

To remove Superscript formatting text in Google Docs, just highlight the Superscript text and go to “Format”, select “Text” and click on “Superscript” option. It will turn your Superscript formatting text into normal text.

Where is Superscript in Google Docs?

To find Superscript option in Google Docs, you either go to Format>Text>Superscript or go to Insert>Special Characters>Symbols>Superscript.

Now, It’s Your Turn to Try Out this Feature

Google Docs’ Superscript not only enhances your writing experience but also makes your writing looks more professional. So, it is worth to use this amazing built-in feature to put symbols and scripts in the right manner.