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How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs (Mobile and Desktop)?

This write up will help you to learn how to add page numbers in Google Docs using mobile app and web based desktop app.

Let me start with my own experience that inspired me to find a way to insert page numbers and count in a Google document…

Few days ago, I have prepared one multi-page document in Google Docs for my client which I need to print out. So, I went to printing store to get prints of my 60 pages Google document.

Unfortunately, the shop guy has fallen the bunch of pages while binding them together.

Later, it did take few hours for me to organise pages in proper sequence.

I am sure no one want to spend hours to organise pages even after spending too much hours to write and research.

Fortunately, Google docs has the option to add page numbers automatically on each page which you can make them show in header or footer area.

The best thing about this feature is that you can even customize and edit page numbers according to your requirement.

You can alter the position from right to left, underline, bold, or can do italic numbers.

So, let’s understand how to insert page numbers in google docs using mobile and desktop app…

Note: Google Docs’ new interface is little bit different now. This article written considering the new design of a Google document.

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How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs on Desktop?

As of now you understand the importance of page numbers, let me show you how to number pages in Google Docs step by step.

Below steps will help you to adjust page numbers automatically whenever you will add a new page or delete a page.

1) First, open the document.

2) Now go to Insert > page number.

3) Select the way you want to show page numbers on your document.

How to Put Page Numbers in Google Docs
How to Put Page Numbers in Google Docs

You can show page numbers in header or footer.

By default, page numbers will show in the right side, but you can edit it.

To change the position of page numbers on a Google document, simply select the page number and click on the one alignment position showing in the options. Either it could be right, left or center.

How to Start Page Numbering from Page 2?

In case, if you don’t want to assign a page number to your first page then you can skip it and start page numbering from the second page of your Google document.

Go to Insert > Page Numbers > More Options.

A pop up will open which let you adjust several settings related to page numbers.

Page Number Settings
Page Number Settings

Uncheck “Show on First Page” option and add the starting number you want on the second page. Now page numbers will start from the page two.

There might be cases where you want to count the first page but don’t want to show the page number on it. In such cases, you can hide page number on the first page.

Here’s how to do it –

Enable the header on the document and select Different first page option.

Now select the page number and press delete or replace with any other text you want.

In this way, the first page will still count but the page number will not appear.

How to Number Pages on Google Docs using Mobile?

In case you are editing the document using your mobile device (Android or iPhone), you can still put page numbers in Google document using Google docs mobile app.

For this tutorial, I have used iPhone X.

Here’s how to do it –

1) First, download and open the Google Docs app.

2) Now, open the document on which you want to add page numbers.

3) Click on the pencil icon showing in the bottom right side to edit the document.

4) Now, click on the + icon showing in the top right side options.

5) Here, few editing options will open. Scroll down and select Page Number.

6) Select the position of page numbers and you are done.

In brief,

Hope this brief guide on how to add page numbers in Google docs helped you to know how you can streamline your multi-page Google document automatically.

For your information, this feature is only available for Google Docs. It is not available for Google sheets and slides.