The terms and conditions, henceforth known as “Terms”, for the website, contains the legal agreement between the users of the website. The user will be referred to as “user”, “you”, “your”.

When you use the website, you are legally bound by these mentioned Terms, not agreeing to which you are free to not use the website. This holds even if you do not agree with a single provision. Once you agree with all of them, you can freely use the website.

About the Website

  • What will you get on this website? It is a technology blog, containing, articles, news and instructions pertaining to the topic Virtual Private Networks or VPN, online privacy, social media, internet security, technology gadgets, media streaming, software used in mobiles, excel tips, how-to guides and lot more.
  • The website should not be used by any person who is under the age of 13.

Company’s Content

  • “Company’s Content” is some of the content on the website, which is owned by the company itself. This content includes but is not only source code, software, blog posts, articles, image, audio clips, videos and interactive features. These are generated, featured or have been made easily available through the website. The content owned by the company comes under the purview of intellectual property laws of India. Unless otherwise mentioned in the Terms, nobody can use the Company’s Content, without obtaining prior permission.
  • Company’s content, published on the website, is meant for providing information, entertainment and initiating discussions. The company cannot be held liable for questioning the authenticity, accuracy and quality of any content published on the website.
  • Barring advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsored content, the company does not will to associate with any other third party, mentioned in the Company’s Content.

User-Generated Content

The website can offer users the opportunity to publish any kind of online content with the help of the comment section. These will be referred to as “user-generated content”, hereafter. All these contents can come under blog posts, news, articles and instructions, featured in the site. Text, images and links to other websites can come under user-generated content.

The user-generated content should abide by the following regulations:

  1. It should not violate any applicable law.
  2. It should be free from any kind of malware like Trojan Horses and viruses, or it should not redirect to any websites containing them.
  3. It should not contain content that are objectionable of any kind.
  4. It should not contain content that are sexually explicit, abusive, vulgar, hateful, defamatory or derogatory in nature.
  5. It should not endorse the use of alcohol, tobacco or any other illegal substance.
  6. The content should not be from spam or any other type of illegal messaging.
  7. The content should not be generated by bots or any other automated methods.
  8. The content should not also disclose the confidential data of any other third party.

We have the full right, as per our choice, to edit or delete any content that violates the above rules.

By publishing user-generated content, you agree and acknowledge that you are responsible and liable for any expense, costs, claims, damages, other losses or any other kind of liability that can arise from these kinds of content.

By publishing these kinds of content, you authorise the Company royalty-free, unobstructed and irreversible right to distribute, use, display, perform or do any other thing with the user-generated content.


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  • You can also unsubscribe from our newsletter by using the link provided on the website.

A License to Use the Website

  • We provide you with the non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable, personal and limited right to use our website, abiding by all the Terms.

Restrictions to License

If not stated in the Terms section, you are not entitled to –

  • Distribute Company’s Content and any other kind of user-generated content
  • Copy the above-mentioned content
  • Disassemble, make changes, reverse engineer, translate or do any other thing with the Company’s Content and
  • User-Generated content and distribute, loan, use, lease or rent or attempt to grant any other kind of right to the content.


  • Every content of the company, including service marks, trademarks and trade names of the company are known as the intellectual property of the company, its licensors, vendors, partners, agents and/or any other kind of provider of content.
  • Every user-generated content is the property of its respective owner, the company being not accountable for these.

Your warranty

  • You are a representor and a warrantor of the fact that i) you will not use the website for violating any kind of applicable law ii) you should be 13 years, and above and iii) you will use the website only in accordance with the Terms.


  • When you use the website, you have to agree and accept the fact that the company can collect and process the personal data of the user. You can visit our website to know more about our privacy policy.


  • We guarantee the availability of the website, barring some factors like bandwidth problems, failure of equipment or any other acts of God.


  • We shall not be held responsible for any content or links of website owned by third parties.
  • For more information on any sponsored link and affiliate, please go through the Affiliate Disclosure available at

Disclaimer of Warranties

12.1 As per the permissible limits of the applicable law, we provide the website on, “As Available”, “As Is” and “With all faults” basis. We ensure that we have not made or will not make any warranty or representation about the accuracy, suitability or reliability for any purpose of the website.

12.2 When you are using the website, you are acknowledging that the company can use third party suppliers to provide any hardware, storage, software, networking or any other kind of technological service. The omissions and acts of these third parties may not always fall under the control of the third party, and the company cannot be held accountable for any loss or damage resulting from these.


13.1 You have to indemnify and agree to protect the company, its officers, employees, agents or affiliates against any kind of loss which the company might incur due to your access and use of the website, your failure to comply with the Terms and your violation of the laws or third-party rights.

Limitation of liability

14.1 unless stated otherwise, we are not liable to any kind of damage be it incidental, special or punitive, arising out from the use of the website or in connection with it.


15.1 All the terms will be in force unless terminated.

15.2 We may terminate the Terms, whenever we wish and intimate you by sending an email. If you do not abide by any of these Terms, your rights will be terminated automatically.

15.3 Every legal right will also be terminated after these Terms are terminated.

You will have to stop using the website, henceforth.

Governing law

16.1 The Terms are governed by the Indian laws.

16.2 All disputes arising in connection with these Terms shall be resolved in Indian courts only.

Amendment of the Terms

17.1 We deserve complete right to amend these terms from time to time, subject to posting these as Terms on the Website. In case you are continuing to use the website, after the amendment you agree to the changes made.

Contact Details

18.1 You can contact us with the help of the contact form on the website.

Last amendment

19.1 All the Terms mentioned have been last amended on 23rd November 2020.