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How to Delete a Class in Google Classroom as a Teacher?

Delete a Class in Google Classroom

Have you just started using this Google’s web based education platform and don’t know how to delete a class in Google Classroom?

No worries, read on to learn the exact process of removing a class in your Google classroom account.

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Who Can Delete a Class in Google Classroom?

Google Classroom is a teaching platform developed by Google for teachers and students.

Normally, anyone over 13 years can create a class using their regular Gmail account.

But for teachers, Google recommend to use school’s Google Workspace Education account to create a class.

You can invite your co-teachers and students to that class and share all the relevant educational materials there with each other.

Once you’re done with the class, you can archive it so that other teachers and students cannot see that particular class in their Google Classroom’s classes page.

In case, you no longer need that class then you are advised to delete it permanently.

But, here is the thing you should know.

To delete a class, you need to archive it first and only primary teacher can delete a class in Google Classroom.

Students and other co-teachers cannot remove a class.

Archive or Delete a Class?

Should you delete a class or archive it? Here is the thing you need to understand to make the right decision.

If there is any class which is no longer important and you don’t need for future use, then you should definitely get rid of that class permanently.

But, if that class is important but you don’t need it for now and want to make it unavailable for students and other teachers then you should archive it.

When class is archived students and co-teachers no longer access it in their classes page.

Students cannot archive a class.

How to Delete a Class in Google Classroom Permanently?

Note: Once you delete a class you cannot undo it for later use so use this feature carefully.

You need to archive a class to delete it.

Below are the exact steps you need to follow to remove an archived class in Google Classroom –

  • First, login to your Google Classroom account here
  • Next, click on the hamburger menu showing in the top left side of the website.
Google Classroom Dashboard
Google Classroom Dashboard
  • Scroll down and select Archived Classes option. (If you didn’t archive any classes then this option will not show in the menu)
Archived Classes
Archived Classes
  • Now, click on More three dotted option in the class card page and select delete.
  • Click on Delete to confirm.

That’s it this is how you can delete a class in Google Classroom.

Over To You

As of now you understand when you should archive or delete a class in Google Classroom.

So, follow the above steps to delete a class as a teacher to be more manageable with your Google Classroom Classes page.