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How to Delete Favorites on Safari in Mac and iOS 8?

People create these bookmarks or favorites over the Safari browser simply to seek some navigation help while they surf the web. By opening up your favorites or bookmarks, all you need is to click the listed websites, without paying heed to remember the URL or note it down somewhere for your further reference.

However, at times, these pages lose their content with some changes taking place on the website, which makes them useless for your personal or professional use. Then you can even delete the favorites over the browser over these platforms.

So, if you are wondering how to delete favorites on Safari Mac or iOS8, then resume reading this post, and you would get the answer.

First, we will explore the steps involved in how to how to delete favorites on safari mac and then check the same over iOS8. Let’s check them one by one:

How To Delete Favorites On Safari in Mac?

Before you check the steps involved on how to delete safari favorites, please note that these steps are tried and tested over the MacBook Air in the operating system MacOS High Sierra. Following these steps, you would be easily able to get rid of these favorites or bookmark over your favorite browser – Safari.

Now, let’s get back to the key topic – deleting the bookmarks over the Safari at Mac platform. Well, there are three steps involved in this process, which speaks a lot about its simplicity. Time to check these three steps.

First Step – Open Safari Browser

You just have to do one thing, open the Safari Browser. You know how to do right? Once you have done it, you then have to move ahead to the second step,

Second Step – Choose the Bookmark Tab

Choose the tab of the bookmarks seen over the top of your screen. Now, you are supposed to select the option called Edit, which you would find it over the Bookmark option. This completes the second step.

Third Step – Delete Favorites

Now the final step, wherein you are supposed to right click over the bookmark or favorite, which you are keen on deleting the same. All you have to do is to choose the option – Delete from there and press it. That’s it!

Note: Also, you have the choice of deleting the favorite bar as well over the browser Safari. This can be done with the right click over the bookmark followed by pressing the delete option. Or you have the other option of deleted straight from the bookmark screen as well.

How to Delete Safari Favorites on iOS 8?

The option of deleting the favorites or book over iOS 8 is somewhere the same, all that differs in the difference in the device you use apart from few extra steps. You use iOS 8 in devices like iPhone or iPad.

In your device, you have to launch the Safari first and then tap over the icon of Bookmarks. Once you tap the favorites, you see the listed websites that you have saved as bookmarks. Now, tap over the Edit option, which is at the right corner at the bottom. You now have to tap over the hyphen (-) sign seen in the red color. Now, you have to tap the Delete option followed by tapping over the Done button.

That’s it. So, how to delete favorites on safari mac from iOS 8 comes so smooth.

So, it is rocket science, well not really. All you have to follow some simple steps and you end up getting things done.

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