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How to Delete a Cash App Account Permanently?

Close a Cash App Account

Don’t know how to delete Cash App account? No worries, here I will show you how to close your Cash App account step by step.

Sometimes, newbie users think that deleting an app from the phone will remove their account. But it works not like that. Your account data is still available and accessible.

If you are concerned about the privacy and security of your account, then deleting Cash App account permanently would be a good idea.

Should I Delete Cash App from my Phone?

Well, the answer is pretty easy.

If you are thinking to close your Cash App account, then you should not delete the app from your phone until you are done with the account deletion process.

Sometimes, people mistakenly close the account and delete the app without knowing that there are money pending to withdraw in your cash app account.

In such case, you should withdraw all the money into your bank account first before you start process to close your Cash App profile online.

How to Close a Cash App Account Permanently?

Once you are 100% confirm to delete the account then only follow below steps because sometimes it is hard to reopen closed cash app account.

  • Tap on the Menu Icon (User Avatar) showing on the top.
  • From the drop down options, select Support (? Icon).
  • This will bring more options, select Something Else.
  • Now, Tap on Account Settings.
  • Select Close My Cash App Account.

Lastly, tap on “Confirm Closing My Cash App Account”.

They will send you confirmation on the contact details (eMail or Phone Number) linked with your account.

As per your contact details, check email or text message to follow the confirmation information.

That’s it, this is how you can close your Cash App Account.

Make sure you delete the app after confirming the deletion.

Cash App Support Team to Delete Account

Above steps will work for your personal cash app account.

But, what if you are trying to close a cash app account of someone who died?

If you have all the information like login details and bank information of that account, then you can delete that account easily just by following above steps.

But the real hassle starts when you don’t have account details.

In such case you need to follow up with the Cash App support team here.

Make sure you have at least bank details of that account with you while claiming closing request.

The support team will assist you to get rid of that account.

In brief,

Closing cash app account is pretty easy using above steps. Hope you found this quick guide helpful.