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How to Reopen a Closed Cash App Account

This quick guide will help you to know the right way of how to reopen a closed cash app account with money in it.

I have found several Cash App users complaining that Cash App closed my account for no reason, and thus I have decided to prepare this detailed guide so that they can reactivate their account and unlock locked money.

So here we go…

Cash App is a well-known mobile payment service among users in the USA and UK. It is developed by Square, Inc and released in October 2013.

As per the data recorded in February 2018, Cash App has 7 million active users who have claimed Cash Card. It is a debit card through which users can pay for things online and in-store.

You can use Square’s Cash App Card almost everywhere, accepting Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover debit or credit cards.

Besides it, most government-enabled cards are also supported by Cash app but depositing money with these cards is still not available.

Moreover, you cannot send money to ATM Cards, Paypal, and business debit cards using Cash App.

So, if you are using the Cash App to send and receive money but your account closed by Cash App with money in it, then follow the below steps –

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How to Reopen a Closed Cash App Account with Money in It?

Well, the only thing you can do when your Cash App Account closed is to contact their support team with all required details.

Below are some details that might help you to contact Cash App customer service –

Cash App Website –

Cash App Support –

Cash App Email Support – (Note: This URL will only work for USA and UK users.)

In brief, these are some sources you can use to contact Cash App agents to reactivate your closed cash app account.

Besides this issue, some other Cash App complaints can be discussed with their customer support team.

Most Common Issues Cash App Users Often Face

  • Cash App down
  • Cash App login not working
  • Unable to withdraw cash card
  • Facing difficulty to link the bank account to Cash App
  • Finding a way to order a cash card
  • Using old cash app account with a new device

All these hassles can be sorted out just by contacting Cash App official support team.

What If You Don’t Have Access to Your Old Cash App Account?

It might be possible that Cash App closed your old account even if you don’t violate their guidelines or are not using it to send and receive payments using your unique $cashtag links as you did before.

Moreover, you lost or forgotten the Cash App login email or phone number too.

So, now the question is how to reopen a closed cash app account with no access at all?

Well, here’s a way out you can try –

Step 1

First, create new Cash app account.

Step 2

Tap on your profile icon and click on the Support option.

Step 3

Now, choose Something Else option and then select Can’t Access Account.

Step 4

And, tap on the Contact Support

Contact them with all required details to your old Cash App account, and they will help you reactivate your closed cash app account.

Wrapping It Up

Please don’t waste your time using other tricks, as contacting Cash App customer service is the only way out to know how to reopen a closed Cash App account with money in it.

I hope you guys find this Cash App guide helpful; if yes, don’t forget to share with other Cash App users and help them to enjoy this amazing mobile payment service.