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How to Delete (Deactivate) Turbotax Account?

No longer want to use Turbotax and looking for ways to delete turbotax account? No worries, here is the information that can help you out.

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What is Turbotax?

Turbotax is a well-known American tax preparation software that allows users to file their taxes online with 100% accuracy.

Either you are an individual or small business owner, Turbotax helps you to connect with expert CPAs & EAs for professional tax guidance and enables you to file tax online.

However, our concern is how to cancel Turbotax profile if you are no longer in need?

Users sometimes find it frustrating as software doesn’t allow any onsite facility or option for users to deactivate their account.

So, let’s understand how do remove your Turbotax account the right way and what things you need to know…

How to Delete Turbotax Account?

Well, due to some legal limitations Turbotax doesn’t provide any direct account deletion option for users.

Instead, users can remove their personal information including ssn and credit card.

As per the Federal IRS laws, any e-file provider must store tax information of users for minimum 3 years. This is the reason they don’t allow account deactivation at user end.

If you are still in need to delete Turbotax account, then you need to contact their support team here.

They will review your account and process your request accordingly.

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