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How to Delete IMVU Account Permanently and Quickly?

Looking for ways to delete IMVU account? If yes, then this guide has the right solution for you.

IMVU is an Avatar based social media platform where users can create their customized avatars. Now, you must be wondering what an Avatar is. It is a figure representing a particular person in video games, apps or forums.

The IMVU users can create avatars and do many other interesting things like –

  • find new people online
  • chat with strangers in random chats or 3D chat rooms
  • playing games online

In this article, we will discuss how to delete your IMVU account quickly on PC and mobile phone.

There might be multiple reasons to delete IMVU such as; you found a better alternative website, or no longer want to use an account, or due to some personal security reasons, etc.

No matter what reason you have to delete IMVU profile, we covered five simple steps to do it fast.

Let’s get started…

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How to Delete IMVU Account on PC?

Follow below five simple steps to delete your IMVU profile or account on PC…

#Step 1: Open the IMVU Page

Firstly, you need to log in to your IMVU account, for that you have to launch your browser and open the IMVU webpage

#Step 2: Log in to your IMVU Account

Fill up the sign in form by entering your email address in the first field followed by your password in the second. Then you should click on the ‘Log in’ button in orange.

#Step 3: Deactivating Your Account

Once you logged in, you need to go for few more clicks to deactivate your IMVU account.

Go to the delete IMVU account webpage here and follow the instructions.

#Step 4: Message for Successful Deletion of Account

Immediately after successfully deleting your account, you will receive a message for it, also stating that a confirmation email has been sent to you. You can click on the ‘Back to Store’ button right after this point.

#Step 5: Unable to Log in Anymore

You will again be back to the IMVU store but this time you will be unable to get access into your IMVU account with the previous credentials. Thus, you have succeeded in deletion of your account.

Can I Delete My IMVU Account Using Mobile Phone?

Unlike many other official apps, IMVU doesn’t allow its user to disable their account on the mobile app. Hence, if you are still looking for ways on how to disable IMVU account on your phone, then you only have to do it through your mobile browser. The entire process is just a matter of minutes which is almost similar to the above mention steps.

How to Delete IMVU Profile Through a Phone Call?

Follow below steps to do it…

  • Open the official website of IMVU
  • Login to your account
  • Go to help and support
  • Get the number of Customer Care Centre
  • Call on the number to talk with the customer care member
  • Give all the necessary information related to your account
  • They will process your IMVU account deletion request accordingly

How to Delete your IMVU App Account Through eMail?

Deleting your IMVU account might or might not work through this method. If only your account is activated for 2-3 years, then surely it will work for you. You just need to type an email giving all the reasons for deletion and send it to the email address of IMVU after copying it from their website. You will immediately receive an automated message containing the information ‘your message has been received’.

In brief, above all are the best easy ways you can use to delete IMVU account permanently and quickly. If you find our tips useful then don’t forget to share it with other IMVU users thinking to close their account.