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“Do Not Disturb iPhone” – How to Turn On and Off This DND Mode

There can be a situation when you are busy in a meeting and you start getting a call, and you find it tempting to pick and soon discover to be a call for an add? Well, this can be an embarrassing moment for you, which you would always want to avoid.

Well, if you are an iPhone user then here is the solution – Do Not Disturb iPhone Mode in your Apple device.

Keep your phone on this DND mode and attend your business meeting, drive or anything else on time without any worry.

Well, if you do not know how to turn on and off the do not disturb feature on iPhone then keep on reading to find out how does it work in the following paragraphs:

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What Does “Do Not Disturb” Mean on iPhone?

First things first, let’s understand do not disturb iPhone? Well, it is a feature available on iPhone (iOS6) and higher Apple devices (iOS 8, iOS 9) that stops the calls, notifications, and alerts from making any kind of ring, lighting up or vibration on the iPhone screen when we find the device is locked.

This feature helps the user to set up the time frame in which you will not get any call or message or even the app alerts – except the ones who are among the ones of your choice.

The Difference Between Do Not Disturb on iPhone and Airplane Mode?

The Do Not Disturb Mode on iPhone would collect the alerts, texts, phone calls and emails on your behalf till it is turned off.

This feature adds up the option of allowing to call during the emergency times, so you know the fact that you get the call during the emergency time from your close one without putting them on hold.

However, the airplane mode is different, and it disables your iPhone device by blocking the data which prevents no call or message to come through. The Airplane mode even switches off the wi-fi this means no other app on your phone would work till you disable it.

How to Turn on and Off The DND Feature in iPhone?

When it comes to answering the question, how to turn off do not disturb on iPhone or switching on this feature.

There are two ways of doing it. You have to first open the Control Center of your iPhone by swiping over your bottom.

Now, you have to tap over the crescent moon, now note that this icon (of the moon) will appear over the Do Not Disturb one. Once you tap the settings, you get the option of Do Not Disturb and with the manual option of turning on it, you can do the same.

Now, let’s answer the question, How to turn on the do not disturb on iPhone? Similarly, you can even schedule the Do Not Disturb option with this tip. All you need to do is to turn the scheduled on option and then make sure you set up a block of time (11 pm to 7.30 pm), for which this feature will be activated.

Similarly, you can activate the iPhone do not disturb while driving or at work.

How to Change ‘Do Not Disturb’ Settings?

This will allow others to access you on your phone. You can go to setting and choose to receive the calls either from everyone or from the chosen people in a specific group. You have the option of choosing when the phone is locked or you want it always.

Hope you find it useful information when it comes to Don not Disturb (DND) feature in iPhone.