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Create Invoice in Excel with These Seven Easy Steps

Create invoice in excel is sometimes a daunting task for beginners. Thus, we have prepared this simple how-to guide for novice excel users.

If you are running any business and now plan to offer credit to your customers, you are supposed to get accustomed to the ideas of invoice generation.

The invoice happens to be a bill to any other business, which lists the total amount your customers owe along with getting their breakdown of the purchased products.

You can manage the invoice manually but it is often a daunting task. With the popularity of computers, one can get the solution in the form of MS Office to be very precise, the MS Excel.

So if you are wondering how to create invoice in excel, then you have reached to a right place. In fact, it is easy to create an invoice in excel then you think.

Let’s check how to make an invoice in excel in the following paragraphs.

Steps On How To Make an Invoice in MS Office Excel

Using the MS Office Excel, you can follow the below-discussed steps to create invoice in excel:

#Step 1 – Open Excel Program

Start the Excel in your laptop or PC and then click on new to start the new Workbook from the dialog box.

#Step 2 – Microsoft Office Online

Now you need to scroll down over the Microsoft Office Online or some similar sort of named section seen over the left-hand side over the dialog box.

Now, you have to click over the term – ‘Invoices’ for finding out a wide range of invoices, which you can easily use as per your business requirements.

Do keep in mind to be hooked to the internet.

#Step 3 – Select the Invocie Template

In this step, you need to sort out via the available invoices. You can find the basic product invoices apart from the forms for the particular kinds of services to select from.

Now, click one of them and select the option ‘Download’ for displaying the same over your excel spreadsheet file.

#Step 4 – Fill Out Details

In the next step to create invoice in excel, you need to fill out each and every field in your invoice, which needs a custom entry. This will include the name of your company along with its logo, address, customer ID, and so on.

It will also have other details like the payment terms and the official payee name required to receive the check payments.

#Step 5 – Save the Template

Now you are supposed to click over ‘File and then on ‘Save’ for saving the new custom mad invoice template to the folder which is on your PC.

Now, name the template by the name of your customer.

For example, if you have any customer with its company called “Force Inc”, you can name the film of your invoice as “Force_Invoice Template.xls”.

#Step 6 – Fill Out Extra Details

In this step to create an invoice in excel, start filling out the different details in your invoice template, which include the description of the number of products you have delivered.

The new invoice number, the updated terms, the due date, the customer contact details, etc.

Every time you would fill these details in your invoice template, you need to include the description of the products that you have delivered and save it over your PC.

For example Force_Invoice101xls for your first invoice number – 101 and for the second invoice number of 102 you name the file as Force_Invoice102.xml.

#Step 7 – Print and Email

Now, in this step, take the print of the filled invoice and then mail it to your customer, or you can even convert the same into PDF format with the help of using PDF conversion software and then email to your client.

Wrapping Up

So, now you know the steps involving how to create invoice in excel. Great, go for it!

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