The Easiest Way to Write an Invoice Email


What’s the most exciting part of working for a client? It’s the payment time. And the whole process of payment includes a very hectic process. And for this, first, you must compose an email and generate an invoice. Despite this, many freelancers and business people do not get their payments on time. When it comes to cash flow management, even late payments can be a huge issue. If you send your invoice by email, make sure it’s simple to read and grasp so you can be paid faster. Do you need advice on how to write an invoice email?

In this article, we will provide you with helpful advice and an example invoice email you may send to your clients.

Customize your Invoice email with this Template

By following these simple steps, you can easily create custom invoice notification emails that are perfect for your business.

  1. First, input the relevant information into the “Invoice Number” and “Subject” fields.
  2. Select the email template that best suits your needs from our library of templates, or design your own using our easy drag-and-drop interface.
  3. Finally, add any additional text or images that you want to include in your message and hit “Preview Email” to check for accuracy before sending!

Choose the best possible subject line before sending the invoice email

The best subject line for sending an invoice often depends on the type of email you are sending. For example, if you’re emailing a customer to confirm their order, “Confirmed Order” might be a descriptive subject line. However, if you are emailing an invoicing customer, “Invoices Sent” may be a better option.

Ultimately, it’s important to test different subject lines and find something that will grab the attention of your target audience and make them want to read your message in full. Try using keywords in your title and the body of your message so people can easily find what they’re looking for when clicking through to read more about your offer or request.

Don’t forget to remind the due date in your invoice email.


Reminding your customers of their due dates can be a great way to keep them organized and aware of when they need to pay you. Doing this will reduce the chances that they forget and negatively impact your relationship. Additionally, it helps ensure that you are getting paid on time for the work that you’ve done.

When writing an invoice email, include all pertinent information, such as the customer’s name, address, payment method(s), and any additional notes or comments regarding their order. You should also list the due date in plaintext to make it easy for your customers to see. And don’t forget to preview your email before sending it out, so there are no surprises!

Try attaching invoices in pdf format with email.


Attached invoice pdf to your email may be one of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve client retention and build trust. By providing a seamless experience from engagement through completion, you’re likely to keep more clients happy in the long run. Additionally, it’s easier for business people to track expenses and invoices when they are attached directly to an email rather than being buried among other messages.

This is helpful for businesses with billing divisions and small businesses that don’t have a dedicated accounting team or who bill using different methods (i.e., PayPal, Square Cash, etc.). Companies should consider implementing this simple but powerful automation strategy into their marketing workflow!

Body of the email for sending an invoice email template’


Creating a message and sending an email invoice could be a challenging task in starting. But when you make an invoice email message for your specific client, you will get more conversions through timely payments. You need to change a few details in your Invoice email message. Make sure to fill your invoice template with your client’s contact information, payment terms, and the total amount due to every client. The following invoice email template can help create professional invoices that will capture the payment and please your customers.

To: ____________________________________________________________________

Subject: Invoice #________ (Date)

Dear _____,

This is to confirm receipt of the product(s) you ordered on date ______. We want to thank you for your business and hope you enjoy it! Please pay us immediately via PayPal or mail check/money order to the address below using reference number ___. Thank you again for choosing our company as your preferred supplier.

 Necessary information that should be written in an online invoice


An invoice should be sent as an attachment if it is being sent by email. Creating an invoice template is a challenging task for a small businessman. So, you can save your time by using any invoice-generation tool. Here, you need to fill in your company name, your name, client name, the client’s company, and a few basic details. This will show professionalism with your invoice; you can even generate this with your phone.

What if your client doesn’t respond to your invoice email?


If your client does not respond to your invoice email, there are a few things you can do to attempt resolution. You may want to send a follow-up call or friendly reminder email; if that still fails, you may need to escalate the issue through customer service. In some cases, it is possible for a refund or credit on an outstanding balance due date of the invoice, depending on your contract specifications. If none of these solutions work, it might be best to consider canceling all future transactions with this customer until they resolve their payment issues.

Use yourto follow up on outstanding invoices.


Here we provide 4 effective email templates for getting invoices paid. The first template is designed to increase your chances of a reply and the subsequent invoice being paid on time. It includes contact information, the purchase order number, and a brief synopsis of what was purchased. This template also encourages customers to ask questions if they are unsure about anything related to the purchase or need more clarification.

Subject: [Your company’ name]: invoice [#######]


Hi [client’s name]

I hope you’re doing well.

I just came to send you a brief email to notify you that [total payment on invoice] is due on [due date] per our invoice [####].

I would much appreciate it if you could confirm that payment is on schedule.

Best regards

[your name]

The next template is specifically tailored toward reminding customers who haven’t yetpaid their bills that this payment is overdue. It reminds them in an easy-to-read format when their bill will expire, how much money needs to be transferred into their account by this date, and what financial penalties will apply if it isn’t paid within a set timeframe.

Subject: [Your company’s name]: invoice [####]


Hi [client’s name]

I hope you’re doing well.

We still haven’t received billing from you for [original invoice], that was due on [due date].

I would very appreciate if you could let me know when we may anticipate receiving payment.

Best regards

[client’s first name]

The third email Template is intended as notification that there has been an issue with one of your transactions – whether it be incorrect charges or data corruption – and asking for customer’s help troubleshooting the situation.. If repair/resolution efforts prove unsuccessful then follow up with a formal invoice request .

Subject: [Your company’s name]: invoice [######] OVERDUE


Hi [client’s name]

I hope you’re doing well.

In spite of our repeated reminders, we still have not received payment from you for the [amount due on invoice] shown on our invoice (invoice reference number) dated [date due].This invoice is now [number of days past due] days past late, which is creating a significant concern for us. Urgently, we need that you inform us when payment will be made.

Best regards

[businessmen’s first name]

Last but not least ,is an automated message sent out after each month billing cycle reminder stating that all outstanding payments should now be submitted in order avoid late fees/penalties… Alongside this notice you’ll find instructions on how credit card users can fund future invoices using PayPal Direct Payment Gateway (PDG).

Subject: [Your company’s name]: invoice [#######]


Hi [client’s name]

This is a brief email to confirm that we have received your recent payment in full settlement of invoice [invoice reference number]. It is really appreciated. What you’ve done for us is invaluable.

Kind regards

[your first name]

Over to you

Like the others we’ve provided above, the Thanks For Invoice template adheres to many of the same fundamental concepts, such as clarity, concision, and civility. Using these samples will go a long way toward establishing trust with your clients and facilitating faster payments in the future.

Don’t worry or take responsibility if a customer suddenly stops responding. There might be a wide variety of causes for this. They might be preoccupied with their own venture, a company-wide endeavour, or pressing personal matters.

In this instance, it is necessary to follow up. Clients will like that you followed up with them, even if they are unable to go forward with you at this time, since it demonstrates that you are enthusiastic about continuing to work with them. Not all follow-ups will provide the desired outcome, but they are nevertheless important to attempt.

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