How to See Deleted Reddit Posts and Comments [3 Tricks]?

How to See Deleted Reddit Posts

This guide will help you to know how to see deleted Reddit posts and comments using removeddit, ceddit, or web archive tricks.

Well, I am one of the 330 million and more Redditors who are used to scroll through Reddit daily. And thus, I have faced a hassle of deleted Reddit posts which might be experienced by thousands of Reddit users.

So, I have found a way to access Reddit archive to view deleted Reddit posts and comments.

How it would be when you click on the super lucrative title and found yourself empty handed?


Fortunately, you don’t be disappoint as far as you are reading this guide.

Below are the three solutions you can try to see deleted Reddit comments and posts.

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How to See Deleted Posts on Reddit using “Removeddit” Trick?

What you need to do is simply open the removed Reddit post URL in your browser and replace “” with “”. And, you will see a cached version of that particular post or comment.

Check example below:

  • (Original Reddit Post removed by Moderator)
  • (Removeddit version of the original post)
Removeddit Post
Removeddit Post

What noticeable thing is that posts or comments removed by moderator will show up in red, while posts or comments removed by users will show up in blue.

How to View Removed Reddit Comments or Posts Using “Ceddit” Trick?

The process is almost similar to the above one. What you need to do is just replace “” with “”. Website will show up a cached version.

  • (Original Reddit Post removed by Moderator)
  • (Ceddit version of the original post which will redirect users to this URL
Ceddit Post
Ceddit Post

Here, you can scroll down to read all the comments and content that post has before it was removed.

In case, if the above two tricks failed to bring back deleted Reddit archive of the particular post then you can always go for Wayback Machine. It is a third alternative way to see deleted Reddit posts.

Well, in my case; removeddit always do the best job by showing up removed post or comment. I am sure, it would work best for you as well.

Now ball is in your hand, try these tricks to access deleted Reddit posts and improve your Reddit browsing experience.