How to Turn On Whatsapp Dark Mode for Android?

Whatsapp Dark Mode

Thinking to give a try to Whatsapp Dark Mode? If yes, then here are the steps you need to enable dark mode feature in your android phone.

Whatsapp has made this dark mode facility available for android users only in beta version.

I have tried to check it in 2.20.11 version but it is not there yet.

As per some sources, dark mode beta is available for whatsapp running 2.20.14 version.

If you are using older whatsapp version, then don’t worry and sit tight because it is coming soon.

Here how you can manually set dark mode in whatsapp…

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How to Enable Whatsapp Dark Mode?

Step 1

Open the Whatsapp App in your phone.

Step 2

Tap on the verticle dots menu in the top right corner and click on the settings.

Step 3

Now select chats and hit the Themes option.

Step 4

Now turn on the Dark Mode option and you’re done.

Dark mode looks even more appealing as whatsapp has made changes to visuals.

Besides it, it goes well with the parent green color of the app.

I am sure that this new dark mode feature will surely enhance user experience and change the way you are using this most popular chatting app.

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