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Google Digital Assistant

How to Activate and Use Google Digital Assistant on Pixel and Other Android Phones?

Technology is coming up with new avenues every day. Artificial intelligence is one such sector which has added a new dimension to technology. It is being seen a sector which has the widest of potentials in terms of growth.

Most globally renowned and well-established companies are investing heavy shares in Artificial Intelligence (AI). After Siri from Apple and Google Assistant from Google, Microsoft has come up with Cortana and subsequently, Amazon has launched Alexa.

So, virtual assistants which use artificial intelligence have become the talking point in the technology sector.

However, newbies are facing problem in operating Google digital assistant and thus we have prepared this guide that will help you to understand different queries like “how to activate google assistant?”, “how to use it?”, “different purposes of using google digital assistant”….etc.

The Google Digital Assistant

The Google Assistant is a personal assistant developed by Google. It uses artificial intelligence and helps people engage in two way conversation. It has answers for some of the important queries related to topics like health, lifestyle, entertainment, current affairs etc. It redirects the user to the search engine so that the user can seek for the information which they are looking for. It is growing rapidly with the updates and becoming a popular feature on the android devices.

Rolling on other Devices

Google Assistant earlier was confined to smartphones developed by Google only. It was first seen on Google Pixel. But later on, Google began rolling out on other Android devices. It has been seen that Google is trying to reach out maximum people through its virtual assistant based on AI.

The Google Assistant was rolled out to maximum smartphones which worked on Marshmallow and Nougat. The Google Assistant has grown from strength to strength and this is developing very rapidly.

How to Activate the Google Assistant?

The first thing which one needs to check is whether the device is available for the Google Assistant or not. Initially, Google digital Assistant was launched in Google Pixel only. Pixel users can access Google Assistant by simply long pressing the home button of their handsets.

However, now most of the phones can access it, the constraint is that the operating system should be Marshmallow or above. This means that the operating system can be Marshmallow, Nougat or Oreo. The devices with Lollipop or operating system less than Lollipop can not have the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant did not come simultaneously in all regions. It was first launched in the United States of America. Subsequently, it was rolled out in North, South America and then finally to European countries.

Update the Google Play Services

If you are sure that your device is compatible with the Google Assistant, then all you need to do is to update the Google Play Services. Updating the Google Play services also makes you eligible for other things like it makes you device compatible with all kind of applications.

The following are the steps to update the Google Play Services. Have a look at it:

  1. Look for the latest file of Google Play Services on the internet. Search for the “Google Play Services .apk” file.
  2. You will find the full listing of all the versions of Google Play Services. Download the latest .apk file of Google Play Services.
  3. Look for the downloaded .apk and copy it to the internal or external drive of the smartphone.
  4. Go to the Settings. Then go to the security section. In the security section, check the box and allow installation from 3rd party app.
  5. Now open the location where you have copied the .apk file. Once you open the .apk file, you are taken to the installation screen.
  6. Tap on install. The installation process will begin. Tap on open, once the app is installed.

How to Check Whether the Google Assistant is Installed or Not?

The Google Assistant can be accessed simply from one tap. Just long press the home button and you will be taken to the Google Assistant. The first time you long press the home button you will be taken to the introduction page of the Google Assistant. In the introduction, you will be made familiar with the working of the Google Assistant.

Different Purposes of Using the Google Assistant

The Google Assistant can be accessed by long pressing the home button. The Google Assistant can also be accessed by saying words “Okay! Google” or “Hey! Google”. Once these words are spoken, the Google Assistant pops out saying, “Hi, how can I help you”. One can ask whatever one wants to know.

Fixing a Reminder

One can fix reminder simply by saying, “remind me that tomorrow is my birthday.” After saying this you will be taken to the reminder screen where you can adjust the details of the reminder.

Using Maps or Navigation

Say “Okay! Google takes me to Pizza Hut” and you will be redirected to maps.

Calling Someone

Say “Okay! Google make a call to Phillips” and a call will be made to Phillips.

Sending a WhatsApp Text to Someone

To send a WhatsApp text to anyone, all you need to say is, “okay! Google send a WhatsApp text to Honey “How are You?” and the Google Assistant will send the WhatsApp text to Honey.

Fun with the Google Assistant

You can have fun with the Google Assistant as well. You can ask Google to tell you a joke, sing a song or narrate your story.

Google digital assistant is a useful tool paving its way quickly towards the future. With newer and stabler updates, we are expected to see more of it in coming years.