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How to Add Subtitles to Instagram (Stories, IGTV) Videos for Free?

Today, we will learn some cool tips on how to add subtitles to videos for Instagram using free tools available online.

Either you are building a personal brand or promoting your business on Instagram, videos can play a huge role.

According to Wyzowl statistics, 63% and more businesses have inherited video content marketing and out of them, 83% businesses found it very effective.

It means, this form of content is booming!

I am sure, you too want to give it a try and this post will help you to take your video content one step ahead by showing a way to add subtitles.

How it would be if we can add captions directly from Instagram? Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t have any inbuilt captioning or transcription functionality at least for now.

Never mind…….let’s create it!

Subtitles can give voice to your dumb video, or it could be useful for those people used to watch videos with sound off on Instagram, IGTV or Instagram stories.

So, here’s the Instagram video marketing success secret of Instagram Pros…

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How to Add Subtitles/Captions to Instagram Videos?

If you are looking for ways on how to add subtitles to Instagram videos, then let me introduce you two free options available for video captioning – Apple Clips and

Let’s understand how to use these free video captioning tools…

How to Add Subtitles to Instagram Videos Using Apple Clips?

Apple Clips App for Animated Titles and Captions
Apple Clips App for Animated Titles and Captions

Apple clips is an iOs mobile app and thus if you are using apple devices then you are in luck.

It can be your best Instagram subtitles app by allowing you to integrate video captions and titles seamlessly.

Not only that, it can tremendously sync captions with your voice which make your video even more professional.

As this is very easy to use app, just download it and start adding subtitles to your Instagram video.

Actually, you can use such videos almost anywhere, either it could be Insta stories IGTV, YouTube, Facebook, etc.

How to Add Captions to Instagram Videos Using KapWing?

KapWing is another free digital storytelling tool.

When it comes to add subtitles to Instagram story videos, it has many options to offer.

Either you can go with free or paid plans –

Kapwing Prices
Kapwing Prices

Let’s understand, how to use this free video editing tool for adding subtitles to videos…

Step 1

Open KapWing Subtitle tool, you can either upload your video footage and can paste a video URL.

Free Subtitle Maker for Captioning Videos
Free Subtitle Maker for Captioning Videos

Step 2

It will fetch the video content and the video editor will open. From there, you can add subtitles to video.

With this tool, you can add caption either manually or let the tool generate subtitles automatically using their inbuilt AI functionalities, or you can upload .SRT file.

Add Subtitle to Video Using Kapwing
Add Subtitle to Video Using Kapwing

Step 3

Once you finish with adding subtitles, it’s time to transcribe the text and edit fonts. You can edit your subtitle text using the text editor in the left corner below video screen.

With it, you can change fonts, font size, color, and background.

Step 4

Once you done with everything, hit the red “Create” button in the left bottom corner. Tool will process your video to prepare the final output.

Your Content is Being Processed Screen
Your Content is Being Processed Screen

Step 5

If you will download the video without sign in KapWing, the mp4 file will be downloaded with watermark.

To get rid of this watermark, you simply need to login KapWing with your Google or Facebook and the tool will let you download the map4 video without watermark.

Voila, you have done with adding captions or subtitles to your video……Now what you are waiting for, just got to your Instagram and upload it to your Insta story or IGTV or almost anywhere.

3 Reasons Why You Should Add Subtitles to your Instagram Videos

If you are serious about your Instagram marketing campaigns, then you don’t afford to miss even a single audience.

Without subtitles, you might lose those who are used to watch videos with sound off, or those who don’t know your language, or those who have hearing impairment.

#Reason 1

As per Wowzers –

85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.

Well, we don’t have exact figure for Instagram though…..but we can think that chunk of Instagram users are also using Facebook and their video watching habit might be same on all platforms.

#Reason 2

You should not ignore your non-english speaking followers while running your Instagram video marketing campaigns.

Subtitles would be the best option for such followers to increase comprehension.

#Reason 3

As per the report of Interactive Accessibility –

More than 7.5 million people in the US alone have a hearing impairment.

Thus, adding subtitles to video would be a great idea. It helps people with hearing problem to understand your content.

Hope you guys, find this “How to Add Subtitles to Instagram Videos” guide helpful. If yes, then don’t forget to share with other users over social media.