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Stogram: Install and Use to Download Instagram Videos

How it would be if you can save your favourite Instagram stories, photos, or videos forever on your device? Well, 4K Stogram is the free service you should opt for. It allows users to download almost everything from Instagram.

Stogram is the most trusted, reliable and safe app used by more than 5 million users worldwide to download Instagram videos, hashtags, accounts, photos, stories, and much more.

Personally, I have tried multiple downloading tools to download media content from Instagram and found Stogram as very user friendly and feature-rich application.

Here in this article, I will show you how one can install Stogram on your device and use to save instagram content offline.

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What is Stogram?

4K Stogram is a free Instagram downloader tool designed and developed by the team of 4K Download company. It allows users to save Instagram photos, videos, stories, hashtags, and accounts offline on their computer.

The app has been tested by 52 different antivirus software to ensure its effectiveness and everytime the app has proved its reliability. Hence it is a safe and secure Instagram downloader tool.

It supports windows, macOS, Linux, and android devices. Unfortunately, Stogram doesn’t work for iPhone users.

How Much Does 4K Stogram Cost?

Although, the free subscription of 4K Stogram works very well for almost all users, the app also offers two paid plans for those users who are looking for advanced features.

It has Personal Plan that cost $15 (Lifetime Access) and it allows you to subscribe to 10 different instagram accounts, locations, and hashtgas to download all existing content.

If you want to have everything unlimited for lifetime, then 4K Stogram premium plan worth of $49 will be the best choice. Generally, it suits best for businesses or individuals managing multiple Instagram accounts.

How to Install 4K Stogram on Your Device?

In order to start work with the 4K Stogram app, you need to get it on your device. Make sure the app is compatible to your current operating system (OS). It supports windows 64bit installer and portable OS, windows 32bit installer and portable OS, macOS 10.13 and new versions, Ubuntu 64bit Installer and portable OS.

Follow the below steps to install Stogram on your device –

1. First, go to website

2. Next, click on Downloads from the top navigation menu bar.

3. Scroll down to the 4 Stogram section.

Choose OS to Install 4K Stogram
Choose OS to Install 4K Stogram

4. Find the suitable version for your OS and click on Download button.

5. Save the Set Up file on your device.

6. Click on the saved Set Up file to start the Installation process.

7. Agree to its terms and conditions and click on Install button.

8. Wait for the installation process to finish.

Done, 4K Stogram app has successfully been installed on your device and ready to start downloading media content from Instagram.

How to Use 4K Stogram to Download Instagram Photos and Videos?

Once you have installed the Stogram app on your device, you are ready to start work with it. However, you need to activate the license first if you have purchased the paid subscription.

Here’s how you can start using the Stogram app –

1. Launch the app from your device.

2. Login to your Instagram account.

Stogram Login to Your Instagram Account

3. Next, enter username, hashtag, or location in the searchbar.

4. Tool will show you multiple similar options in the dropdown. Choose one option.

5. Now, click on the Filter icon to choose your download type.

6. Enter from to end date and select require options below.

7. Hit the Download button.

Download Instagram
Download Instagram

The tool will download the all content as per your selections.

To unlock premium features, you need to buy one of its paid plan. It will give you more options to narrow down your selection and make it more specific.

Wrapping it up…

In brief, saving public or private Instagram content with permission is very easy and cost effective with 4K Stogram app. It has plenty of advanced features that allows you to download almost anything from the Instagram.

Give it a try to enjoy downloading instagram content without any hassle.