You are currently viewing 5 Best Free Video Editing Software for Gaming (Recommended by Experts)

5 Best Free Video Editing Software for Gaming (Recommended by Experts)

Here I will introduce to you best video editing software for gaming. All these programs are free and perfect for beginners.

The gamers all this while were busy playing games only in their bedrooms. But, now they are more interested in making their gameplays available in the form of videos also.

If YouTube is a site, which you visit frequently, you must have seen videos that show every nitty-gritty of a game being played and how you can advance in missions. If you are an avid gamer and want to put across your best moves in front of the people, you will need the best software for editing gaming videos.

A good games video editor will help you to not only improve the raw gaming footage but also make it popular amongst the viewers.

Let us try to curate some of the best gaming video editing software. These tools, which I am going to discuss, are compelling and easy to learn. The beginners or more easily the novices, also find them very easy to operate.

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Top 5 Free Video Editing Software for Gaming

Hitfilm Express

It is best two-in-one performer. It can act both as an editor, as well as, a composer, just with a single program.

If your PC can handle, you can stack in as many numbers of video and audio tracks, as you want. If you are looking for impeccable VFX abilities, this editor is really a good choice over its competitors.

You can access some special and elegant effects for free, which is not the case with most other editors.

Advanced animation and keyframing are some other features, which you can be assured of with the usage of this editor.

If you are still wondering about the features, the list is still not complete. Motion tracking with a high accuracy level, the capability to attach objects or stabilising the videos and the presence of more than 500 special effects, is what makes it so popular.

Looking for customisation?

Well, Hitfilm is also the best for it where you can swap and switch UI elements, remove or add things and edit the various keyboard shortcuts. It also has the export queue, allowing the exporting of a wide variety of video projects in a proper sequence.


Another great gaming video editor is the Shotcut.

It supports a wide variety of video file formats. It also supports images, that can be inserted in the gaming videos.

This game video editing software is a great choice for beginners who have just started video editing. It is a perfect choice as a free, open-source and cross-platform.

There is no disturbing watermark, as well as the presence of plenty of video and audio formats. People who are using low to mid-range machines are best benefitted from this software.

It supports a huge number of resolutions and various other export formats. You can also capture from SDI, IP, webcam, HDMI etc. With the help of drag and drop, assets can be quickly added to the work area.

Davinci Resolve

This software has two versions, Studio and Free. The Studio is a paid subscription and comes with loads of features, for example, an AI engine, which helps with various tasks like facial recognition, removal of the object, auto colour matching etc.

The Free version is also replete with features. 8-bit and 10-bit colour spaces are available with both the versions. Unless you are a professional Youtuber, you might not need the tools that are available with the Studio version.

It’s basically an all-in-one tool that offers special effects, editing, colour correction and audio post-production. Any movies, commercials and TV shows have been edited, using this editor.

Olive Video Editor

This is one such game video editor which is capable of providing premium features, without any cost.

Gaming videos can look more professional. A lot of things can be done to edit the videos, like editing the timeline or adding tracks of music.

Right from Instagram vloggers to musicians, everyone can benefit from this video editing tool.

The most impressive part about Olive is that even with 4k footage, scrolling through the timeline is pretty easy.

Some other free editors crash easily, but it is not the case with this tool. As it is open-source, you can easily run it on Windows, Mac and Linux. As soon as the installation process is over, editing can be started right away.


This video editor helps in having a fully professional class video editing. With exposure to a resolution of 1280X720, using H.264 and MPEG4 formats.

Lightworks Archive is the sole export format available in the market, which delivers the best in both Pro and free versions. It is a non-linear video editing software which can make the process simpler, without compromising on any functionality.

Does Windows 10 have video editing features?

Yes, Windows 10 has its own video editor. It has a full set of video creation and editing tools you can use for editing gaming videos.

Can video editing be a good career?

For the right person with proper experience and expertise, video editing is a good career option.

What basic video editing skills should a video editor have?

An eye for details, patience and creativity are the essential skills that a video editor needs.

Is it compulsory to have a degree for becoming a good video editor?

No, a degree is not mandatory.

Wrapping it up…

So, these were the highly recommended best video editing software for gaming perfect for YouTubers and Gaming Vloggers.

Such tools will help you to showcase your gaming skills and chits by editing clips. Check out above software and choose one that suits your requirements and enjoy editing game videos.