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Top 5 Anime Series Coming in 2024

The last year has been one of the best in the anime, with some amazing anime series that came out and took the Otaku fans (die-hard anime fans) by storm.

Nevertheless, 2024 will be even more amazing with many new sequels of the one that came out last year, all in line for fans to go crazy.

This year however has even more anime hitting the screens than the last year. They have improved, in terms of both quality and animation. There is a lot on the line as well, from the last two years that were spent in lockdowns of everything. Here’s the most popular anime from 

With the speed anime is dropping out, there is going to be something for everyone to look forward to and tons of genres that will make the mark. There are some new adaptations from manga and webtoons, with some other adaptations from the comics, some original projects, and other high-profile returns after years of being on halt and while some are continuing after a long period.

The fan community is thrilled and waiting impatiently at their seats.

Anime in the USA has also been a hot topic and if you are from that part, you need to absolutely get your hands on this list and stream away. You could also ask your cable providers for streaming or through cable because you just might have Disney XD and Nicktoons for kids or teens.

Depending on the providers and the services, chances are you will get the Japanese channels on your TV or some form of a video of demand through which you can stream Anime.

One of the top names, Xfinity offers Funimation on Xfinity on-demand and some even for free, if you’re one of the users and Otaku fans looking to stream anime on TV, then you can call up Xfinity customer services  and find out if the desired show is available to stream or the options of Anime that you have. If you are sure you can stream anime, then you can stream the shows as they are released in Japan only hours away because of the time difference.

Nonetheless, there is a way around it.

Funimation®  and many other major anime streaming channels offer Simulcast options, where you can stream anime at the same time as when it airs on Japanese TV, instead of waiting for the longest time. These air weekly on Japanese TV and allow fans to watch as much anime as they want from other countries that have the major channels.

However, the minus point is that people who do not understand Japanese have to keep up with the subtitles. However, Funimation offers SimulDub™that is unique to it and you can watch the show the same day it airs in Japan but English. You can watch it just like any other show and enjoy the fresh anime experience that you were waiting for.

Top 5 Anime Series

1. Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

(Coming out on April 22nd, Japan time)

There are many new releases on the line but this one is super-awaited, due to its name. This is Dragon Ball Super’s major feature film. You need to have watched all the previous Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z plus Dragon Ball Super (the series)and Dragon Ball Super: Broly (2018) (the movie) to understand this, but hey, if you are a fan you must have done so.

2. Spy x Family

(Release window: April, Japan time)

Coming from a manga adaptation, WIT studio and Cloverworks has made this into an anime reality with a mix of comedy, actions, and a sprint of romance as the fake family of Forger build their lives. Great art, great designs, and the addition of fresh anime to our lists.

3. The Rising of the Shield Hero: Season 2

(Release window: April, Japan time)

The first season dominated the screens with its release a few years ago, with season 2 to be released last year, but for reasons witnessed could not but now it is finally back. Naofumi, the main character challenged in various ways when he decides to take on heroes from other worlds in this season. The action has just begun.

4. Overlord: Season 4

(Release window: TBA 2024, Japan time)

One of the highest profiled returns. Ains Ooal Gown continues the dark power and overtakes the world with the touch of “evil” to it. The real appearance of this character is not what it seems, domineering and opulent. The fourth season will show the world domination with him and partner Nazarick, making us scratch and scream at the “evil doings”.

5. Made in Abyss: The Golden City of the Scorching Sun

(Release window: TBA 2024, Japan time)

Made in Abyss has had a cult following and has been made into films, season one, and a game is also coming out. It hosts a deep and dark edge that will catch you off guard but with anime that is not too surprising. This could be one of the biggest releases with the deceptive framework and the same art and visuals as season one, maybe even better. So hold on to your seats while watching.