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What is the Minimum Credit Score for a JCPenney Credit Card?

JCPenney Credit Card Approval Score

If you are a die-hard JCPenney shopper, then having a JCPenney credit card will help you to save more on your shopping at JCPenney store,, JCPenney Salon, Sephora stores (inside JCPenney locations),, Rite Aid, and

So, if you are thinking to get a JCPenney credit card (Red, Gold, and Platinum), the credit score is something you need to think of first. Approval depends on your credit score and thus it decides either you are eligible to get a JCPenney Credit Card or not.

So, let’s check out what is the minimum credit score for a JCPenney credit card.

What Credit Score Do I Need for JCPenney Credit Card?

Shoppers need to have a minimum credit score of 640+ with fair or better credit to get fast approval for the JCPenney Credit Card. With a good credit score, the JCPenney credit card is known to be one of the easiest cards to get.

You will receive your credit card in the mail within 7 to 10 days of approval. If you don’t get your card within this timeframe, then contact JCPenney Credit Services.

Having a credit card of JCPenney, you are auto-enrolled to some of the benefits that JCPenney offers to its cardmembers. Besides it, if you are doing shopping for $500 or more every year then you are eligible for JCPenney Gold or Platinum credit card. It will give you more saving opportunities and give you the benefits of special financing, special day deals, and much more.

Moreover, with JCP credit card, you will get 15% off on your first purchase and earn 1 point on every single dollar charged.

If you are already a JCPenney Credit Card holder then check out our JCPenney Credit Card Login guide to understand how to manage your credit card account online.

Can I Get a JCPenney Credit Card with a Bad Credit Score?

JCPenney does not approve credit card to people with a bad credit score. You must have a fair, good, or excellent credit score in order to become a JCPenney Cardmember.

However, it is not a big deal because there are so many other credit cards available that you can get even with bad credit and accepted at JCPenney stores offline and online.

Here is the list of JCPenney credit card alternatives available with bad credit score –

Credit Card Name Annual Fee APR JCPenney Stores Accept or Not 
Discover it® Secured Credit Card $0 22.99% Variable Yes
Bank of America Cash Back Secured Credit Card $0 23.99% fixed APR Yes
Navy FCU nRewards® Secured Credit Card $0 18% fixed APR Yes
Petal® 1 “No Annual Fee” Visa® Credit Card $0 19.99% – 29.49% Variable Yes
BankAmericard® Secured credit card $0 12.99% – 23.99% Variable Yes

However, below are some workarounds you can try to get a JCPenney credit card with bad credit –

  • Request for JCPenney Credit Card Co-Signer Application. This option is not available online and thus you have to visit your nearby JCPenney store.
  • If any of your family members or friends has a JCPenney Card Membership then ask them to add you as an authorised user.
  • Improve your credit score by resolving all pending debts and credit report errors.

How to Improve Credit Score to Get Fast Approval for JCPenney Credit Card?

Are you thinking to request JCPenney Credit Card Application, but your bad credit score restricts you? No worries, below are some ways you can follow to improve your JCPenney Credit Card Approval Score –

Having a credit score below 600 is considered to be bad credit at least to apply for JCPenney credit card. So for fast approval, you need to work on improving your credit score anyhow.

Below are some ways to improve credit score fast –

  • Work on building your credit file by having at least several active credit accounts. For this, you can go for credit-builder loans, secured cards, or reward credit cards with 0 annual fees.
  • Be an authorized user of someone else’s credit card.
  • Don’t be late more than 30 days to make your loan and credit cards payments.
  • Try to keep your credit utilization ratio as low as possible.
  • For a good credit score, you need to maintain your credit accounts at least for six months regularly.

In brief, these are some tips you can follow to improve your credit score quickly. Once your credit score goes above 600+, you are eligible to apply for JCPenney credit card.

What is a Fair, Good, and Excellent JCPenney Credit Score?

If you are going to request a JCPenney credit card application, then you must come across words like Fair Credit Score, Good Credit Score, and Excellent Credit Score. The Credit Score is a number used by banks and credit card companies to determine consumer’s creditworthiness based on their credit report.

According to FICO Score –

Credit Score ranges from 580 to 669 is considered to be fair, from 670 to 739 is considered to be good, and from 740 to 800 and above is considered by an excellent credit score.

For JCPenney shoppers, the fair credit score of 640 and above is considered to be the JCPenney Credit Card Approval Score. This number varies from one credit card company to another.

How to Apply for JCPenney Credit Card?

Having a minimum of 640+ JCPenney credit card approval score, you are eligible to request JCPenney credit card application online or offline. JCPenney does not cost any annual fee for its cardmembers.

In order to submit your credit card application, you can either visit your nearby JCPenney store or can follow the below steps to apply online –

  1. First, got to JCP Credit Card official website at 
  2. Click on Apply option showing below the login form
  3. Next, provide the last 4 digits of your SSN/ITIN, and mobile number
  4. Click on Continue and follow further instructions accordingly

After successful submission of your JCPenney credit card application, Synchrony bank will assess it and let you know the further status of your submission.

Wrapping it up…

In brief, in order to be JCPenney Cardmember, you must have a credit score of 640+ with fair or good credit. Approval will depend on many other factors as well but if your application is approved then you are likely to receive your credit card within 7 to 10 days.

Hope this write up helped you to understand either you should apply for JCPenney credit card or still need to work on your credit score.