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Amadine: Best Vector Graphic Design Software [A Personal Experience]

A new gadget for a designer is a great thing and a challenge at the same time.

I was accustomed to working on the Windows platform, so when I was about to start making a project on Mac, I realized a reliable vector graphics app was a must.

Fortunately, after long searches and trials, it was clear for me that Amadine was a true lifesaver.

Amadine Software

This vector drawing app offers a wide range of functions to create illustrations, logos, branding, graphs, and web design elements.

It will take hours to explain why its suite of functions is so neat, but I will try to be brief.

In general, each of the features is necessary.

Live effects like Outer Glow, customizable options like brushes properties, shapes and shadows resolution, objects transformation abilities — these capabilities are just the top of the iceberg of what this vector app for Mac offers. Gradients are what drives me crazy about this app — they are easy to perfection and immaculately precise.

Besides, the software allows me to create images with hand-written effect. With the help of variable strokes, it is easy to adjust and customize even the tiniest element of the picture.

Of course, typography and lettering are something unbelievable. To make them even more colorful, I can use the multi-layer option and add some sublayers for achieving additional shapes.

All in all, technologies that Amadine for Mac offers make even the non-experienced user a real pro in vector graphics design.