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Art Text: Create Typography Like a Pro

Letters surround us.

You can see different typography variations everywhere — from huge advertisement banners to small flyers and brochures.

Text is created to represent essential information about the company’s services, and one of the ways to make it eye-catching is to apply text effects.

Times New Roman, Helvetica, Arial, Apple Casual — these fonts are familiar to all Mac users.

However, headings, logos, mottos, etc. can be visualized in a more unique and juicy way than a standard black-and-white font:

  • Animated typography;
  • Realistic 3D text;
  • Watercolor, pencil and chalk text effects;
  • Words laid out with coffee or leaves;
  • Retro styled typography.

Typography Graphics Software

Qualitative typography requires reliable and efficient tools to design premium-class projects.

Apart from commonly known Adobe Photoshop, there are other solutions that are easier in operation and offer equal graphics quality much quicker.

slime text effect

With programs like Art Text 4, anyone can create amazing typography graphics like a pro –

3D Typography

This trend will hardly become outdated. One big stopper for many people is lack of 3D design skills. However, Art Text 4 takes care of that by automatically creating a 3D text from any plain text.


such text designs are a great combination of tenderness and creativity.

Laying out words with objects can significantly enrich your design skills. Spray Fill tool of Art Text 4 smoothly creates texts written with coffee beans, stones, sprinkles, and many more.

Embossed 2D Text

simple forms can be highlighted with a concave effect.

Text on a Photo

It is a highly popular feature, especially for web design and social media posts.

Art Text Effect

Creating a typography design masterpiece is easier than it may seem — just give Art Text 4 a try and enjoy the process.