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How to Access Ultipro Pay Stub Online?

Pay stub is an official document and a kind of list that contains information about your income.

Mainly it includes your total earning, money deducted from that total, and the final amount after the deduction.

Pay stub is an essential data for any employee because they need this information while getting a loan, renting a house, or anything that demand your financial information.

There are two ways to get your pay stubs, first is to visit your bank and second thing you can do is to get it online.

In this post, I will let you know how you can get your pay stubs online with Ultipro.

Ultipro is a Human Capital Management technology developed and designed by Ultimate Software.

If your employer or company is using this Software to make your salary as direct deposit, then getting your pay stubs is very easy.

Follow below steps –

1) Login to Ultipro employee account you usually use.

2) Go to your user dashboard.

3) Look for View Pay Statement Link.

4) Click on the link to view your pay stubs.

Now, you can view your pay stub details, print pay statements, tax statements, and can view W2 wage.

That’s it! this is how you can access your Ultipro pay stub online.