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How to Buy RDP with Full Admin Access and Best Guide

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RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. As the name implies, RDP is used to give permission to a user to access a totally distinct desktop from the respective desktop. The concept of RDP was introduced by Microsoft such that a computer having a graphical interface can be easily connected to another desktop with the help of the web.

With the help of RDP with full admin access, it is possible to access distant remote applications or desktops that you need. It is also possible to access iOS, Android, or Windows systems through RDP. One of the best aspects of RDP with full admin access is that it eliminates all potential problems linked with compatibility and security with the help of this network.

Buy RDP with Admin Access -a Viable Option for Businesses

The use of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or RDS (Remote Desktop Services) turns out to be a leading option for businesses to access the respective applications and data. However, depending on the provider, RDS solutions can turn out to be slightly expensive. Moreover, there are several administrators who would like to leverage RDP only for executing administrative tasks. Therefore, it is recommended to buy RDP with admin access from a reliable provider like VPS Server. It will be a viable option for your business.

VPS Server is a leading provider offering access to cost-effective solutions for RDP with admin access. VPS Server offers access to free RDP VPS with reduced latency. At VPS Server, the servers are spread across more than 15 nations across the world. Some of the core features of cheap RDP with full admin access by VPS Server are:

  • Flexible billing
  • Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019
  • 24/7 online accessibility
  • Live Windows backup
  • Secure Windows
  • Fast and easy firewall setup

Standard packages for free RDP with full admin access at VPS Server are ideal for the average VPS. They deliver access to ample power while being well-optimized as well. If you wish to attain better memory or CPU power, you can also go through the CPU-optimized and Memory-optimized plans offered by VPS Server.

What are the Benefits of Using RDP Servers for Businesses?

As a business organization, you might have multiple devices deployed at different locations. Some places might be easily reachable. On the other hand, some areas might be far-fetched and difficult to reach. As an IT administrator, you can understand the overall difficulty in handling operations when these devices might be of different types and different operating systems. In such a scenario, a reliable RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol connection can help.

A feature-rich RDP software solution will allow IT admins to ensure control of multiple devices over a specific network connection. It will allow them to install & uninstall software, troubleshoot issues, update applications, and much more -irrespective of the location of devices. Here are some more benefits of RDP with full admin access for businesses:

  • Ease of Access: Remote servers with full admin access are capable of solving technical issues on the go. This functionality is particularly useful when the specific devices are located in areas that might not be easily accessible. Remote desktop access with full admin control allows IT administrators to effectively fix problems and devices that are located even in remote areas.

Particularly in an unprecedented time like the ongoing global pandemic, a reliable RDP solution by a professional provider like VPS Server, remote access can help in ensuring maximum employee safety while handling device-specific issues on the go.

  • Easy Management of Devices: Troubleshooting technical problems is just an aspect of what IT admins are capable of doing. They are also expected to ensure that devices are policy-compliant while featuring the installation of the right software versions. A remote desktop protocol with full admin access will help IT admins achieve all of this from some other location.

With the help of remote control, IT admins are capable of editing permissions, changing settings, and doing much more without any requirement of physical access.

  • Saving Money: With the help of remote access, technicians or IT administrators are not required to visit the site for making repairs. At the same time users are not required to bring along the devices to fix the same. This helps organizations and businesses in saving a lot of money that would be otherwise invested in traveling.

Moreover, as neither users nor technicians are required to travel to fix the devices, the concept of RDP with full admin access helps in saving time. In turn, it can help in improving productivity. Therefore, remote desktop access software solution can help companies save ample money while optimizing ROI.

  • Secure Connections: Most types of remote desktop access software solutions feature improved security specifications that help in safeguarding business information. They help in encrypting the data transmitted. Therefore, your business-sensitive information remains safe throughout.

At the same time, remote desktop access providers like VPS Server have an experienced team of professionals responsible for maintaining their servers. Therefore, they will always have access to the best security measures in place.

  • Performance Maintenance: In a business environment involving multiple computers, there is a constant requirement of keeping the applications up-to-date. You are also required to go through every desktop every time you are opting for an update. As far as RDP is concerned, most tasks remain hassle-free.

You are only required to make changes on the respective terminal server while eventually making the changes. It is because desktops will be connected virtually.

What is Required to Get the RDP Connection?

Any type of RDP solution will open an avenue that can be exploited potentially. RDP serves to be no different. Therefore, if you have plans of using Windows RDP over the internet, you will require a dedicated strategy to secure the same. Most reliable RDP solution providers like VPS Server offer the assurance of secure RDP connection for businesses.

Enterprises are able to make use of remote desktop gateways to help in providing a secure way to connect to the RDP server. However, standard Windows users will not have the opportunity as well. Rather, you will be expected to make use of effective solutions to set up secure RDP connections.


If you wish to connect securely and remotely to the Windows desktop or server, you should aim at getting reliable RDP connection from trustworthy providers. Firstly, you will require access to a reliable RDP solution provider like VPS Server or even Microsoft Remote Assistance.

Secondly, you will require access to the right network connectivity. It will ultimately depend on your location and the specific type of connection you wish to make. Ultimately, you will require checking the pricing policies of the ISP while looking for the cheapest and the most reliable RDP connection plans meeting your unique needs.

Some effective tips for securing a reliable RDP connection are:

  • Avoid Allowing Open RDP connections over the internet. If you are required to make use of Windows Remote Desktop Connection over the internet, it is recommended to set up your own VPS or VPN (Virtual Private Network). You can also think of leveraging the RDP gateway for creating a secure tunnel to the local network initially. When you allow an open RDP connection over the internet, it can turn out to be a risky affair in terms of the overall security. Therefore, you should avoid it.
  • Allow NLA or Network Level Authentication: It can be enabled by default in Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, and newer versions. However, if you are using older versions of Windows, you can enable the functionality on your own. It will help in ensuring that a connection will occur only when the same has been authenticated. Moreover, you are also expected to provide the right username and password.
  • Restrict Password Attempts: You are expected to restrict the frequency of inputting wrong passwords on the account before being locked out. This will ultimately prevent any damage from the DoS or Denial of Service attack.
  • Limit RDP Connections to Non-Administrators: You should only permit non-admin user accounts to ensure remote connection to Windows PCs. It is not possible to change settings by standard user accounts. They also have limited access to files. This will help in minimizing the damage that any potentially dangerous connection can make.
  • Utilize Secure, Complex Passwords: Using secure and complex passwords is a great advice in any situation -especially for connections for Windows Remote Desktop or applications. Do not make use of the password for multiple accounts. It is recommended to make use of a combination of symbols, letters, and numbers.



If you require access to an affordable, yet effective RDP solution for your business, it is recommended to make use of reliable services like VPS Server. With VPS Server, you can get access to instant remote desktop Windows VPS with reduced latency. It is one of the best RDP hosting providers with worldwide locations in more than 15 nations. You can start Windows hosting with RDP on a free trial.

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