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6 Compelling Reasons to Integrate Ultipro with ADManager Plus

Ask anyone associated with the enterprise employee management to describe their work. You’ll get one common answer; excruciatingly time-consuming and challenging. This is because the IT officials are constantly creating, modifying, deleting user identities for the enterprise’s employees. And seriously, it is way more difficult than it sounds.

For example, you need to create a Gmail account to gain access into a server, so you just set it up in a few minutes and you’re to go. Not that difficult right? But what if you’re to create several such user identities while checking if there’s any unused user id that needs to be removed, and to top it off, you are asked to modify the access authority of several other ids.

Doesn’t sound that easy now, is it?

That’s what the IT department has to do every day.

Not only do they have to constantly create new user identities for the employees based on their projects, but they often have to work with the HR department simultaneously on an ad hoc basis.

It requires them to create provision accounts for the interns and new hires and clean up their unused accounts after leaving. This is crucial to protect the company’s security and prevent confidential information from any breach.

But as these are two separate departments, there is often a chance of miscommunication and usually have long time gaps before the tasks are completed. This puts the organisation’s security at risk and creates an unworkable ambience for the employees.

And to solve all these problems, it is necessary to create a bridge between the Active Directory (AD) Exchange, the Human Resources Management System (HRMS), Office 365, and other essential platforms by integrating them.

This integration can make sure there is a constant flow of information and synchronise the user information from the HRMS with the Active Directory’s corresponding sections.

And all this where Machineengine’s AdManager Plus comes in. It can be integrated with the cloud-based Human Capital Management or HCM system, Ultipro. This integration improves the processes like employee onboarding, employee offboarding and modification by improving efficiency and security.

It lets you:

  • Provide new users in Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, Active Directory, and all other essential platforms are automatic as you add a new record in Ultipro.
  • Based on the changes made in Ultipro, you can easily modify the employee privileges, file server permissions, group membership, etc.
  • As soon as a record gets deleted in Ultipro, you can use the user’s Active Directory account, revoke Office385 and other licenses. Not only that, but you can also export a copy of the mailbox to PST.

Still not convinced about integrating Ultipro with AdManager Plus?

Here are the six reasons why it is always a good idea to integrate Ultipro with AdManager Plus:

#Reason 1 – The Ultipro with AdManager Plus integration saves time by bridging the wide gap between the various departments. It makes provisioning, de-provisioning and modification of the Active Directory easy and less challenging. And we all know how saving time can give the work experience a significant boost.

#Reason 2 – Designations of the employees in an organisation are always changing on the go depending on the projects they are associated with at any moment. This makes it difficult for the IT department to instantly create, modify, or remove user access based on the changes made by the HRMS. But with this integration, as soon as a change is made in the HRMS, the access privileges also update automatically.

#Reason 3 – Though we’ve come a long way from the long rooms with papers and files containing employee information, there’s always a chance of doing the same in a digital database. Especially if the same information is stored in multiple databases of different departments like HR and IT. One simple way to avoid such discrepancy and data duplication is to create a single database in Ultipro, and accordingly, it will provide and revoke access based on changes made or addition of new records.

#Reason 4 – For organisations heavily dependent on Exchange, G Suite, Office 365, etc., synchronisation of the Ultipro database with the Active Directory can make the working experience smoother by making the cross-application experience more enjoyable.

#Reason 5 – With the automation options and responsive templates, you can create and control a user with only the required access and privileges.

#Reason 6 – You don’t need a special degree to integrate Unipro with AdManager Plus and can do it in seconds. It not only has a simple configuration process but also comes with several open APIs.

In brief,

We hope we were able to convince you to join the bandwagon of integrating Unipro with AdManager Plus. It is sure to make the working experience of your organisation smoother and more efficient.