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Tanzanian Visa For Students: Requirements And Application Process 2024

The Republic of Tanzania, which is placed in East Africa, has been a popular topic of discussion because of its atmosphere, towns, beaches, and of course, its friendly people. Foreigners who wish to visit this place should get a visa. But, some citizens enjoy visa-free travel owing to their nationality. Also, the variations can be based on different clauses. Hence, you should know about the same.

Apart from the tourism aspect, this place offers an excellent education system. Every year, students from across the globe apply for visas to travel and complete their education in this country. The e-visa scheme for Tanzania serves a major purpose that helps make the right application process.

The Tanzanian visa is issued to foreigners for studying purposes. Therefore, prospective students can take the online route for applying. Still, before that, you should ensure that you have secured your admission to an accredited University or college that has been approved there. The application for acceptance, registration document, or admission letter from such an institution should be attached in the form of a PDF. Also, you should upload it while applying, as it will help reduce the wait time for the visa process.

General Yet Important Visa Details


Some general requirements are standard for all applications. The documentation required is as follows:

  • A valid copy of the child’’s passport.
  • A scanned passport-size picture of the child.
  • Evidence of the scholarship of sponsorship of admission in the country.
  • The cover letter or any proof of admission and acceptance from the Institution/College/University that is addressed to the Immigration department.
  • A duly filled-in e-visa form.

Along with these documents, the student should clear the application dues, like the visa fees. It is approximately USD 250. In addition, the student needs to pay USD 300 for research work. Also, as a Ph.D. student, the fee is USD 550. A single 3-month visa amounts to USD 50. However, you should note that in any case, if the visa application is rejected due to any reason, the visa application fees will not be refunded.

Also, after the global coronavirus pandemic in 2020, travelers should get proper proof of their vaccination certificates. Additionally, they should have proof of the yellow fever vaccination.

If the students from the East African Community Member States who wish to apply for the Tanzanian student visa are concerned, they are issued an Exemption certificate. If the students have this certificate, no fees are paid in such a case.

However, if you are not applying for a full-proof course, the application process should be based on the same. For example, language teaching institutions cannot provide you with a 2 years visa validity. However, the applicants who wish to learn the languages can apply for the visa duration process of 3 months.

These details apply to children applying for student visas from outside Tanzania. But, the students who have entered the country need to apply for the student pass and not the visa.

Student Pass ‘I’


The children who are a part of the approved training establishments include children of persons who legally reside in this country and are a part of the majority age group. The requirements for the student pass are as follows:

  • The joining instruction document and letter of admission.
  • The proof of scholarship and sponsorship follows the enrolment evidence.
  • The certificate of registration of the school or institution.

Student Pass ‘II’

This is another category of student pass issued to the children of people legally residing in the country. However, the children are minors, and they have not been endorsed in the residence permits of their parents. Therefore, the children should study in training establishments like kindergarten, primary, and secondary schools, followed by their education in other higher learning institutions.

The requirements for this pass are as follows:

  • The evidence of scholarship or sponsorship follows the admission.
  • The consent of the minor’s parent is under a guardian.
  • A valid copy of the residence permit or the exemption certificate, or the dependent pass of the guardian or minor’s parent.
  • The copy of the original birth certificates of the child and its parents.
  • A copy of the valid passport of the minor’s parent.

Steps For The Visa Application Process


For the student visa process, there are some other documents required that are mentioned as follows:

  • Guarantee letter that the student should sign and the sponsor. The document should have all details and mention that the sponsor will cover the expected expenses of the student. The document should be certified by a public notary and ensure that the student won’t reach out to any institution for financial support or scholarship.
  • Also, the bank statement for the last 3 months should be attached.
  • Also, details of the sponsor, like their ID card, passport, license, and others, should be mentioned and attached to the document for filing the e-visa application.

All international students who wish to gain a visa from the Government of Tanzania to study the desired course in the country get a ‘C’ class permit or a student visa. The process is simple and quick now. In 2018, the Tanzanian government launched the e-visa process for students who wish to enter the country for study purposes.

Mandatory Tips To Consider


All the documentation and copies attached for the e-visa process should be certified. You should double-check the attached documents to avoid delays or backlogs in the process. It is strongly advised to all student applicants that they should read the guidelines. It would help to not rely on second or third-party sources for the application process or any other related information.

The official website that is, should be trusted as the information on this platform will be authentic. It would help if you did not miss out on the terms and conditions, and also, you should read the reach point of the disclaimer portion. Usually, the applications are processed within 10 days. Hence, it would help if you had all these things in their place accordingly after stipulating the time frame.


You can apply for an ordinary visa if you want to visit Tanzania to explore. However, others, like the holders of American passports, need to apply for multiple entry visas. But, as a student, the process is entirely different. The visa process involves documentation and rules. Hence, you should cater to them carefully so there are no issues later.

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