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Mobile App Approval Process in Android and iOS In New York

Let’s consider you have designed a super flexible app, probably a sportsbook, an editing app, a gaming app, social media platform, a news app, or a fashion store, well, it doesn’t matter what app it is, operators have given their best to the mobile phone application feature to get it manufactured. These operators surely would expect thousands of downloads and traffic from people and will anticipate a good revenue generation, but for this to happen, the apps need to be submitted to the respective platforms’ stores. And then the wait begins, you will have to wait for your app to get approved, and not get rejected. And do you think there are any hidden secrets to getting these apps approved on Android and iOS? Go on reading the article and you will get to know not only the answer to this question but also the whole process of app approval.

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Rules to Remember


Some of the serious rules to remember while you are on your projects are listed below for you to focus on.

Developer account

The basic thing a developer needs to have his account approved, both iOS and Android charge a one-time amount of $99 per year. Google usually takes longer to approve a new developer account, so trying for a pre-existing account, it would save a lot of time and money.

Testing the App


Maybe you are quite comfortable with your developing style and methodology, and your coding language is essentially very well functional, but the security of the users needs to be 100%. This makes the verification of the app extremely important. If the stores test your app and find any issue, then your app automatically gets rejected.

Approval Takes Time

Approval needs a lot of time, it might take a few weeks to be essentially confirmed and updated. All you need to do is stay patient and calm and just hope for the best.

How Your App doesn’t Get Rejected


A number of apps get rejected almost every day due to various inefficiencies. The major reason for rejection happens to be fraud activities or technical glitches associated with the app. iOS however is a good thing to be mentioned here because it does not allow the use of other OS titles in its store, thus getting rejected. Just consider the word android written in your application somewhere, it gets over for your app then and there.

Pro Tips to Feature Your Application

Fraud won’t do you any good by any means, so even if you get approval by unfair means it doesn’t make much sense. There is no such guarantee that your app will be approved, but some of the right ways to follow developmental practices and get your app approved. Now, after a secure approval process, there are fair chances that your app gets ignored by users. You would never like this to happen after getting technically approved by the store. Some of the things that can be done to get featured by users are:

Good User Interface – the UI and UX massively impact the functionality of your app. A seamless operation and a smooth experience are what users seek nowadays. If you have a good and user-friendly interface, the chances of your app getting rejected are reduced to a significant level.

Practicality – practical operations are something that drives the entire crowd. Even if your app is not fancy or flashy, do not waste your time in making the app look so, just make it practically operational. All that glitters is not gold, but what does not glitter can be of the value of gold if it satisfies the main purpose of its being. The existence of an app is justified only when it is successfully able to help the users in making a complex task easier.

Loading Speed – the world is regulated by 5G internet connectivity and amid this, every user is expecting an app to be very fast with its speed. Everything that operates on mobiles is expected to be fast and quick, apps that are slow face issues and are ultimately deleted by users.

How to Submit Your Application


Irrespective of your readiness for the application on the iOS or Android functioning, you must be readily prepared for the approval process.

  • Read all the rules presented by the respective stores and get to it, make sure you comprehend them properly in your application
  • For an app to be used for selling or dealing with merchandise in the future, it needs to be linked effectively with a billing account.
  • A monetization model has to be decided, financial decisions are extremely important for an app to perform. You must ensure what is the required budget and how much cost will the app incur. Also, make sure which countries it seems to operate in so as to keep track.
  • Age restrictions are very important to be mentioned in the app, also compare your app’s offerings with people’s demands and check its functionality. The age of users helps you know the demands likewise and meet them.
  • A thorough final check is necessary before proceeding to the approval process so as to avoid baseless rejection by the stores.


Apps are regulating the whole world, comforting people’s lives, and giving endless opportunities to developers to innovate and get self remunerated. But, these apps need to be approved by the Play Store or the App Store so as to function properly throughout. There are certain guidelines and laws to be followed for seeking the approval process and getting overall access to the store. Make sure to follow all guidelines so that you can ensure that your app can get approved without any hassle and you can make the most out of your investment.