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EssentialPIM – Best Tool For Students To Track Studies & Life

One of the main riddles which most students face is how to manage their studies and stay consistent with their personal life. After all, only studies and no play are bound to induce boredom in a pupil’s life. This is why it becomes extremely important to manage time and strike the right balance between enjoyment and studies for enjoying maximum productivity at all times.

Managing time is easier said than done for mature adults. The level of difficulty is greater for students who have to deal with a large number of distractions in the form of college parties, turbulent relationships, and many more.

Having the backing of a personal organizer and email management tool like EssentialPIM can help them keep a tab over their life. Now let’s take a detailed look at the different ways in which EssentialPIM can assist students in multi-tasking while making sure that they never miss out on any important assignments.

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Study Communications With Email Module

Emails have evolved into the most availed communication tool for the modern generation. Students also fall into this category as they can keep in touch with their peers and supervisors. As the world is going digital, tutors are slowly shifting to digital notes and the same can be sent to students via mail.

Study Communications With Email Module

EssentialPIM has gained worldwide accolades as a popular email client which can be integrated with contacts for seamless sending of newsletters and messages.

The best thing about EssentialPIM is that it allows adding multiple email accounts so that students don’t miss out on anything, be it important study notes or an invitation to the latest party in town. While setting up the account, you can provide your email credentials and an auto-explanatory wizard guides you through the entire process. 

EPIM automatically checks for new emails and you can switch on the offline mode in case of limited data connectivity or if you don’t want the new emails to get updated automatically. Email messages can be viewed in vertical, classic, wide view, and vertical in groups layout as per the preference of users. 

Our mailboxes receive a lot of communications from different senders and at times it might be required to filter out all communication belonging to a particular address. This can be particularly helpful if students are trying to work on a project by collating information from multiple mail attachments. 

Newsletters are a common tool in the arsenal of students who wish to inform peers about upcoming events and activities. EssentialPIM makes it very simple to send newsletters to an entire group of recipients with a single click. If you don’t want to send the newsletter immediately, then it can be saved for later use.

As an email client, EssentialPIM allows encrypting and signing the mails for offering greater security to users. The emails can now be grouped using colorful categories for being sorted out and categorized easily whenever required.

Old emails can be archived either through the auto-archive settings or manually to unclutter your email folder. Here you can set some days on whose passage, messages might either move to the archive folder or get permanently deleted. This feature can be of great help for students who fail to manage time for decluttering their inbox as the cleanup task gets done at the backend.

Keeping Study Notes Organized

Note-taking is an important part of a student’s life as they get to collate information from different sources be it a tutor’s lecture or important transcripts from a reference book. Previously it was all about jotting down notes in a physical notebook which was extremely vulnerable to getting lost or damaged. Plus updating the notes required making frequent corrections to the old version. 

Keeping Study Notes Organized

EssentialPIM has revolutionized the way students take notes with its Notes module offering a set of classic text editing tools.

All the notes taken can be organized in a hierarchical structure which makes finding them easier on future dates. If your system is being accessed by friends, then you can set the notes to read-only mode to prevent uncalled-for edits. Sticky notes can also be created on your system desktop for the most important notes that you wish to be reminded of daily such as revision points before taking a test. 

A tool has been added to the status bar for zooming in and out of the notes without disturbing the original formatting.

Text editing tools make note-taking fun with EssentialPIM. Students can change the font style, size, make it bold, italics, strikethrough, superscript, subscript, alter the alignment, and even add text and shading color for a more customized look and feel. 

It is natural for students to have trouble juggling multiple Notes. Keeping such things in mind, EssentialPIM has introduced the bookmarking feature for favorite notes which assists with quick retrieval using a filter under the Notes icon in the navigation pane. The bookmarked notes are flagged with the standard favorite icon helping them stand out from the rest. There are also filters for Recently Modified and Recently Viewed track notes for the past 30 days displaying a maximum of 25 items each.

Planning Days In Advance With Calendar Module

One of the most important skills students have to develop during school or college life is getting organized. Ever-increasing workload and responsibilities make it important to keep a tab over your different commitments which might be hard to follow. The Calendar module of EssentialPIM can offer substantial help in this process as students balance their assignments, exams, extracurricular commitments, college application deadlines, and more. 

Calendar Module

Visualizing the upcoming commitments under one roof and keeping track of them becomes easy when students avail of the Calendar module of EssentialPIM which is like a visual reminder of what is in store for them so that they can make necessary preparations. Multiple events can be overlayed onto the same template so that students are informed of possible clashes in advance and can solve them in time. 

The different events created under the Calendar module can be viewed according to days, week, month, week agenda, year, or list view. Students can add their upcoming appointments such as a study seminar or college interview in the calendar module and even add alarms so that they don’t end up forgetting the same. 

At times the events are exclusive and cannot be overlapped with other meetings. Checking the exclusive appointment dialogue box makes sure that your schedule remains empty during that time slot and you don’t end up mistakenly adding events in the same time slot. 

EssentialPIM has recently added a weather forecast feature in its calendar module so that students can exercise efficiency while planning their upcoming days. If a friend has been asking you out for a coffee date for quite some time and you decide to go the day after, then it always pays to check how the weather will be so that you can dress appropriately or carry an umbrella if required.


As a smart alternative to Microsoft Outlook, EssentialPIM acts as an intuitive tool for organizing your study emails, calendar, daily tasks, notes, contacts, and password entries in a seamless manner.

Students can cross tag different entries such as Contacts with Emails, Notes with Daily Tasks, and more to navigate quickly between them. Also, making changes in one field reflects the same in its related fields.

All the data stored in EssentialPIM can be fully synchronized with popular cloud solutions like Office 365, iCloud, Google, etc. so that you can collaborate on projects with a group of friends remotely.