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Primalogik: A Complete Overview of the Software

As the business industry blooms with profit, more and more people are joining in on the trend. To be a top businessman is a mutual dream for a large section of the modern population. With this, there is a birth of a competitive rivalry between different companies to establish their monopoly within the market.

But with so many companies in the bandwagon, businesses have turned to technological upgrades to stand out from the crowd. A variety of performance enhancing products are available in the market to suit these needs of businessmen. Among them is a popular product called Primalogik, already establishing its dominance within the market.

For your information, we have reviewed some other likewise software in case you want to have a look. It includes Namely, PurelyHR, and Motivosity.

What is Primalogik?

Primalogik is a web based solution forum which is designed to help the HR representatives track and evaluate the performances of employees working in their company.

It incorporates three talent management modules into a concise system. The system itself consists of features such as performance appraisals, 360-degree feedback, and opinion surveys.

Here’s what you need to know about Primalogik in brief –

  • It is best suited for the interests of small to mid-sized companies.
  • The business can access the system through any web browser. The choice of operating system is flexible and you can run the application through Mac, or Windows PC, and even on tablets.
  • The need for configuration is low and convenient to use. The software is ready to be used as soon as you sign up.

Primalogik basically compiles anonymous reviews on any particular employee for impartial evaluation. Anyone can make the reviews, from a trusted colleague, to higher-ups in the management.

Primalogik was founded in 2012 by David and Gabriel. Together, they embarked on the lead-lined, dreary path of the business industry. Together, they developed a software that simplified the process of employee evaluation.

Over the years, with constant updates, Primalogik has evolved to a great extend. There is no clear data on the number of clients they possess. But some of the top companies such as Vector Aerospace, Pepsico, Texas Farm Credit, and Kinsa use their services to make employee performance their top priority. Albeit the changes in the company, the philosophy yet remains the same: to help various companies unlock their team’s full potential through an efficient review system.

What are the steps of the evaluation process –

The evaluation process that Primalogik follows is quite simple and constructive. It involves only the following three steps:

  1. Self-review of the employee
  2. Complete appraisal by the manager
  3. The sharing of results with the person who is to be reviewed

Thus, the evaluation process does not come at the cost of the company’s productivity.

Primalogik Benefits

There is a reason why Primalogik is one of the top HR software of this generation. It brings with itself a host of benefits for their clients. Some of them are –

1) Multi Manager Input for all Employees

An eye catching feature of Primalogik is its ability to assign more than one employees to a particular manager.

In many industries, such as the restaurant industries, managers have to work with not one but all the employees of a particular department. They have to keep a tab of their performance and make notes of everyone, and not just a single employee. This revolutionary feature makes the system better for these kind of services.

2) It is Extremely User Friendly

The ugliest fact about a technologically advanced company update is that some of the employees might find it hard to work with. This is not the case with Primalogik. It consists of a very user-friendly interface and is fairly easy to understand and operate.

3) It is Convenient and Direct

There are many employees in a particular company. All of them face a large number of evaluations of their period of work. Primalogik simplifies and compiles all these reports into a single, concise summary. The manager can access this detailed report at any moment of their time without any hassle.

4) It Provides Comparisons

One of the most impressive features of Primalogik is that it can generate comparisons between different employees.

However there is a condition; the same survey should be used to evaluate both the relevant employees that you want to compare. This can prove to be a great way for managers to find leaks in efficiency and productivity, or to help them in their many dilemmas regarding their managerial decisions.

Pros and Cons of Primalogik Software


  • It has a great customer service. They are professional in the operation of the application and are readily available to help.
  • The company offers a free trial to the clients to help them make their decision.
  • It is famous for completing an hour long evaluation process within minutes.
  • It sends in daily e-mail reminders and alerts to address various issues.


  • The display and the overall visual of the software appears to be outdated.
  • When dealing with a large number of employees, the task of organizing or storing data can be a tad tedious.

In conclusion,

Primalogik is a top choice in the community of businessmen when it comes to performance evaluation applications. It promotes efficiency and boosts the work-performance of various employees through a series of evaluation tests.

It is extremely easy to use, conveniently affordable, and consists of a commendable client support staff that is readily available to help you when you need.