Namely: A Complete Overview of this HRI System


Here, we have discussed Namely software in detail and covered up everything you need to know about this HRI system.

Nowadays, the business industries are blooming. With this, a fierce competition among various businesses has emerged in this sector. The only way for all the organizations, big or small, is to move with time. As a result, most of the businesses rely on technological advancements as a form of their development.

A human resource software is an important part of this technological advancement. Such a software is responsible to carry out all the mundane and necessary tasks in any organization.

Namely is one such example of such a system. It is fast, efficient, and brings with it, a load of benefits.

What is Namely?

Namely is an interactive, easy-to-operate Human Resources software platform that combines details such as personnel info, payroll, and performance management in an interface akin to a social media feed. It is one of the few HR platforms that employees actually have no issues while using.

Namely is a software that is best suited for small to medium-sized companies. It has the option to carry out several tasks such as payroll, benefits and talent management from one place.

The main tasks that you can carry out using the Namely HRIS system are –

  • Manage compliance.
  • Streamline payroll management.
  • Keep a track of benefits.
  • Talent management.

Namely integrates HRIS and payroll in one place, which is a move that impresses all the businesses and tech experts.

Namely was established on January 17, 2012, in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. It was founded by Matt Straz, who became the CEO of the company.

The early services provided by the company included HR information system and performance management tools. Over the years, the company introduced many core features.

In 2013, Namely introduced the Talent Management Module, and in 2014, they launched Payroll, a critical component for their platform. In 2015, Namely opened up another office in San Francisco. Since then, it is ever-expanding and has office locations at four different places.

  • Number of employees in Namely – 500
  • Number of Clients – 1000

In 2018, in a move that surprised everyone, the company had to fire its founder and CEO Matt Straz on grounds of poor leadership. Elisa Steele then became the CEO of the company, succeeded by Larry Dunivan in July, 2019.

How to Use Namely?

Namely uses a cloud-based technology to offer management related solutions to companies. The organizations and business who need a single, flexible system to keep a tab on their human capital can use Namely without any problem.

The main tasks that you can carry out using the Namely HRIS system are:

  • Manage compliance
  • Streamline payroll management
  • Keep a track of benefits
  • Talent management

Namely integrates HRIS and payroll in one place, which is a move that impresses all the businesses and tech experts.

Benefits of Namely

Under the umbrella of these essential tasks, there are number of other Namely benefits that the users can enjoy. Some of them are as follows:

Namely HR system is extremely compatible. With this HRI system, businesses can scale down with their needs.

For example, if you don’t need any particular extension of theirs, you can buy it separately. It also makes it very easy for you to customize features, as you can adjust pretty much anything your business might require. Overall, it harbors an adequate system to host “off-the-shelf” service.

Namely hosts an excellent client service. It is not easy to use an HRI system, and one would need a thorough guidance through various procedures. As a treasured client, they would guide you through the implementations of various procedures.

Moreover, you will also have a dedicated Account Manager, Learning Specialist, and Benefits, namely Payroll facilities and HR consultants. Also, Namely respect learning paces of all kinds of people. It harbors guided tutorials for self-paced learning. Also, it explains all the features extensively with the help of PDF sheets and FAQs. There’s also courses led by various experts which creates a sandbox system and allows you to solve typical HR/cases by simulation.

Finally, one of the best things about Namely is that it is a well-funded project. Because of their finances and success, they constantly add new, exciting features to their product. Not only this, they also keep coming up with many exciting and cool client deliverables.


  1. Extremely compatible with the needs of all kinds of business
  2. Releases new features routinely
  3. Solves many outdated problems
  4. Well-informed, readily available client service
  5. Interactive, integrated features


  1. The integration between HRIS and Payroll is not fully developed yet

In conclusion to this article, Namely is an extremely efficient HRIS when it comes to the beneficence of all kinds of businesses. It is tech-savvy, well-developed and is highly interactive.

Moreover, the client service is commendable, which usually all the other HR systems lack. The only issues that one would face is the work in progress of various integrated applications such as HRIS, Payroll, benefits and so on.

Overall, though, it is an expertly carved product and is designed to solve many of today’s outdated and unproductive problems.

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