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PurelyHR: Software Review 2020

In this post, we will discuss what is PurelyHR software and its possible pros and cons that users might get while using this HR software.

Nowadays, HRI systems are very popular and essential to the operations of all kinds of businesses. Different HR software systems offer solutions for different problems. In the wake of this demand, we have witnessed a launch of a variety of such software.

Among them, is PurelyHR, one of the most talked-about HRIS in the market today.

What is PurelyHR?

PurelyHR acts as a cloud-based leave management software for businesses and organizations. It offers a foolproof solution to many mundane problems such as helping the HR department to keep a tab on leave requests and approvals.

With PurelyHR, the management can also keep a rigid track of time-off policies and vacation days.

It contains an interactive module that includes a self-service portal wherein employees can access and upgrade their profiles. Using the same portal, administrators and HR employees can also access the records and data of any employee through a clean database.

Here’s what you need to know about PurelyHR in brief –

  • It is best for small to midsize businesses.
  • It also contains additional features such as time-clock and timesheet solutions. The time clock and time off modules are designed to help the employees to track their attendance and request vacation days/absences. Users have the liberty to format the timesheet module, which also includes a comment feature.
  • This HRI System contains a concise e-signature platform for warnings and other HR-relate documents.
  • Client service support is available over phone, E-mail and also through an online support center.
  • The pricing policies have a strict per user per month setup.
  • Most importantly, it saves countless hours from your company’s work time.

PurelyHR: Pros and Cons


Good value for money: The pricing model is just right for the features offered.

Good support team: Efficient, educated, client-service operators.

User friendly nature: The system is user friendly and interactive. The cloud-based technology is icing on the cake.

Freedom to update policies: The company will have the option and freedom to set up their own time time off policies and tracking for paid time off. Features such as time-clock for the employees and time-sheets are easy to operate and read.

Increases productivity: It saves valuable company time as it provides autonomy to the employees for their time off requests. Moreover, it also helps the management and the HR department remain productive as they can approve or reject requests quickly simply via a device.

Tracks general details: It is also a great tracking device for general information, including details such as work anniversaries and birthdays.


Set-up difficulties: Many HR personnel can find it intimidating task to input all the information into the system. There is no clear way to import all data through an excel sheet. Therefore, inputting information might prove to be a big initial time-investment.

Time-sheet difficulties: While time-sheet modules are interesting to work with, they could certainly be a lot better if users had more freedom to customize it.

Our Verdict

Save a few minor drawbacks, the PurelyHR software is one of the most efficient and popular Human Resource software in the market today. It has excellent facilities and a well-informed, patient client service support. Although the setup task could prove to be a bit cumbersome, the initial time investment is definitely worth it. All the pros overshadow a few minute cons of this exceptional software.

Our final verdict is, therefore, that the software is efficient and viable for all kinds of businesses. So, without a further ado, go to the PurelyHR login page and check out the product for yourself.