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Tech Gadgets To Influence Gaming In 2024

Gaming has always been a passion of both young and old. With the number of games, genres, titles and everything in between everyone has something to do and play. This is why gaming has been growing for years now and it is probably at its all-time high right now.

With consoles and PCs becoming more and more available more people jump aboard the gaming train and with the prospect of earning some cash while gaming it has truly become the thing to do. Today we will talk to you about all the gadgets that have arrived and that will arrive this year that should enhance your gaming experience and your gaming joy. ¸

When it comes to gadgets for the gaming world, they are constantly evolving and following the trends and needs of gamers, which is an awesome thing. This is why the scene is never boring and the gadget space never looks dull. In this list, we will touch on several things that we consider important but believe that there is a lot more to come and to check out. This is why we suggest you check out and keep up to date with everything that is out and that will be coming out in the following year.

Sim rigs


The thing that is probably the biggest, clunkiest and most fun thing in the gaming world is the sim rigs. These are popular and until lately they were very expensive so just a several of us could afford a good racing or flying sim rig. With newer technologies, lightweight materials and lower costs of manufacturing (thanks to the simplification of certain things) these became widely available to many as well as generally affordable. The pro rigs for sim games are still expensive but they are worth every penny.

The thing that sets these apart is the fact that now we are getting full motion rigs that are going up and down, side to side and have all these pneumatic/shock gizmos that are making you feel immersed in the game and make you feel you are behind a wheel of a race car or a plane. These are the things that set the gaming industry apart from any other. What you have to look forward to are the advanced sim rigs that will have support for all axis and which will make you look like you are and feel like you are in a car or a plane. Combining that with VR should round up the experience. What we are getting in this year and the coming year are pro sim rigs used for the practice of pro drivers, toned down for commercial use and sale that will have a bit steeper price but nothing that insane, given the technology and stuff packed in.



If you are a true gamer with any sort of competitive spirit, you know how sound is important in this industry. Gamers are constantly hunting and asking for better sound, clearer tones, better bass and whatnot. The game developer has upped their game when it comes to sound systems in the game and we need the hardware to follow that. We have received several brands that somewhat managed to keep pace with the sound engine but the developers are pushing the envelope daily. We are getting better sound bars, better earphones even earbuds that will keep up with all the sound engine innovations. Spatial sounds, sounds in the room, around you, sounds that travel through certain surfaces and don’t through others are just some of the innovations we are getting in games and the hardware that will present that to our ears is somewhat here and coming this year.



Most of you that are ordinary gamers never think about this part of your gaming equipment but those that are gaming for the money, or those that like to get head motion and tracking capabilities in the game will search for a camera that can allow that. 1080p and higher quality cameras are available but an integration of certain technologies from PCs, consoles, and the graphics card will push these even further and we will, most likely, reduce the amount of equipment needed for a good quality stream thanks to those. All you will need is your graphics card software and a very good camera and your streaming/head motion and tracking will be smoother, and better and you will notice it easily.

VR equipment


When it comes to virtual reality, we have all had it for a while now thanks to VR equipment that was somewhat available to most of us. In the beginning, it was a bit pricy limiting the things we could purchase but now, again, with better tech and improvements they are becoming broadly available and a little less expensive. With newer tech the VR experience will be boosted, framerates will be higher and the image quality will be a lot better so make sure you track the progress of a few companies out there, dabbing in this, for the info on when and what is coming out.



Another thing that is highly important in gaming is the gamepads. The gaming community is divided between those that use a mouse and keyboard and those that use gamepads. With the newer-gen consoles, we got a lot of improvements in gamepads. The quality, overall build and certain capabilities pushed the limits of what we knew so far. One of the improvements was the haptic feedback and resistance that the DualSense gamepad for PS5 introduced with the launch of PS5.

More and more game makers are adapting their titles for this and more games will be made exclusively for certain consoles to cater to the capabilities of it and their equipment. The fact that you can feel resistance on a brake or gas pedal, a pull and kickback of the trigger beneath your fingers was awesome but this is just the beginning and more will come. Not just from Sony, we are also expecting bigger and better things from Xbox and their controller as well as from switch controllers that are now very good and intuitive. With better tech, more knowledge and time, these will be better and better and we are looking forward to that.

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