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5 Best Directional Microphone For Cell Phone 2024 – Buying Guide

Modern technology has made that today, our cell phones have many features. However, what has remained one of the most significant functions since the inception of mobiles – is sound. Still, no matter how we use our cell phones –  sometimes this feature seems to have been partially neglected. So today, many smartphone owners claim that regardless of other performances – they have a sound problem. The solution is in purchasing a directional microphone. Why you should buy one and what are the best directional microphones for a cell phone – read the text below.

Why Do Microphones On Cell Phones Not Sound The Best?

No matter how good our cell phones are, the fact is that many of us have problems with the sound on our devices. That is not so surprising if we keep in mind the fact that manufacturers mostly install small omnidirectional microphones in our mobile devices. What does this mean in practice, and why don’t these sound better? The omnidirectional microphone built into most models works to the maximum limits it can provide – giving us some kind of optimal sound quality. Of course, for those who like good sound – this is not even close to what they want. So what’s the secret? Such devices collect all the sounds from the side, which make noise – or the famous broom we sometimes hear while talking to someone. Still, let’s not be too strict. Although the quality of microphones from cell phones cannot be compared to the sound quality of professional studio microphones – they still do their best within their miniature design and limitations they have.

Can The Sound Performance On Your Phone Be Improved And How?


As we have already mentioned, cell phones have mostly microphones that pick up sound from all directions. That is what leads to the problem of hearing noise from the background – which leads us to the experience of bad sound. So is there anything that we can do about it? Yes, we can! Maybe you can opt for a directional microphone. What’s the difference? The main difference is that the design of a directional one for a cell phone allows it to have the highest sound reception from the front side – that is, it is directed, so it will capture the sound from the desired area. That practically means that you will be able to significantly reduce background noise – and contribute to better sound quality on your cell phone.

5 Best Directional Microphones For Cell Phones

When choosing a directional microphone for iPhone or a directional microphone for Android, we should have in mind several factors. First of all, these are the sound quality, the purpose for which we need the microphone, things like wind protection or cable strength – and finally, the price, which is also very important to us. Following the factors we mentioned, here are some suggestions when it comes to quality one-direction microphones.

1. Synco U3


The small, practical, but so powerful, SYNCO U3 is a very cost-effective option if you want to improve the sound on your phone. For a price of less than $ 100, you will get yourself a good mic. It is a microphone you can use for both mobile phones and PCs. You can use it on Androids but also on iPhone. The innovative tubular design and the principle of the magnet make this cardioid microphone have a focused sound that it emits directly in front of the device  while eliminating external sounds and noise. These microphones are ideal for recording interviews, and vloggers use them very often for their recordings. Also, it’s great for recordings like podcasts and the like. This model also has a strong signal, and it is a device that can pair quickly. So, according to all these features – we have put it on our list of microphones that you should opt for.

2. Audio-Technica AT897

This condenser microphone was designed to record sound using video or broadcast applications. It can be mounted on mobile phones – but also on video cameras or devices that have recording options. Its narrow and lightweight design allows easy applicability to these devices and excellent performance when recording sound from a distance. It also has great features when it comes to reducing ambient sounds from the environment – and it reproduces sound well at different frequencies. Overall, this microphone can be a good choice for those who want to achieve good and quality sound even at a greater distance.

3. Sennheiser MKH-416 directional microphone


This directional microphone is one of the best. Although it is most often used by creators within the film industry – many vloggers, but also those who record podcasts, are happy to turn to proven values. This model boasts, above all, precise aiming at the subject, with almost no capture of ambient noise. Of course, this microphone does not fall into the category of cheap – but if you are truly a connoisseur of good and quality sound, then you know what we are talking about.

4. Hyperx Quad Cast

The rule for this microphone is that it is the best for playing games. Priced at just over $ 170, this microphone is a true discovery for streamers at a not-so-unaffordable price. It offers you extremely sharp and precise sound and is very easy to use. With USB power, a shock absorber, and the stand that comes with it – you will be more than satisfied with the sound quality.

5. Sennheiser memory microphone


Many fans of good sound will say that this is the best microphone in this class. It is considered to be one of the best wireless microphones for cell phones – and with a very nice and attractive design, it is very easy to use. Namely, you will simply connect it to Android or iPhone with the help of Bluetooth. It also comes with a free mobile app for editing or mixing sound.

The Bottom Line

If you are into a good sound and you wish you have it on your cell phone – you can always opt for some of the directional microphones. They will provide the best sound without the irritating sounds from your surroundings. You can look online and choose the one that will suit your needs and budget – or you can try it with some of those that we have put on our list. We hope you’ll make the best choice for what you need.

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